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titanic bunnies - 30 Jun 2004

The bunnies are at it again, re-enacting Titanic this time. (Flash)

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free wired magazine subscription - 29 Jun 2004

Get a free Wired Magazine subscription by providing only your mailing address. No gimmicks that I can see. (via waxy links via gizmodo via slick deals)

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how to find low gas prices - 29 Jun 2004

I just came across where you can search your region (like Salt Lake for instance) for low gas prices. They also show you the highest gas prices, although I can’t think of how those are of much use. Maybe it’s to see how high they are or to make people feel good about how […]

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running mozilla multiple times - 28 Jun 2004

I’ve found that with recent (1.6, 1.7) versions of Mozilla on Linux, you aren’t able to run multiple instances of the browser. If Mozilla is already running and you try to run Mozilla again, you get the Profile Manager which is a nuisance and of little use. My solution was to write a shell script […]

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annual data sources - 24 Jun 2004

Eyebeam research has compiled a huge list of statistic sources. I don’t have an immediate need for them right now, but it could be useful sometime down the road.

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more gmail invites - 23 Jun 2004

When I began offering Gmail invitations I wanted to share them with everyone and gave them out to whoever wanted one. Then some people acted like they had a right to an invite (hey, that rhymes), demanding I give them one via multiple comments, e-mails and request from my contact page. (I have since deleted […]

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make way for ducklings - 23 Jun 2004

I recently exchanged e-mails with William Bragg and wanted to share some photos on his blog titled, A remarkably sad set of images. He posted a follow-up to the images, although it is clearly not the same grate. One can only hope that something similar occurred with the wee ducklings in the first set.

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waypath - 22 Jun 2004

Waypath is a new site that allows you to search for keywords in blog entries, find related blog entries and find sites linking to a blog entry. There are also several blogging tools (like the Buzz-o-meter) that look pretty spiffy. Another cool site is Bloogz. You can use it to search blogs, see the most […]

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15-minute workout - 21 Jun 2004

In an in-flight magazine I read a few months ago I read about a 15-minute corporate fitness program. It doesn’t require you to change out of your regular clothes, yet it still helps people get into better shape and to lose weight. Here are the four parts of the workout: 1. 10 minutes of aerobic […]

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basic css tutorial - 18 Jun 2004

I found a basic CSS tutorial that I would recommend to people who are brand new to CSS. It may be useful to the more seasoned web designer, but I’d recommend skipping the first few sections. Once you become a CSS guru, you can begin making dynamic menus without Javascript. These sites show how to […]

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robotic traffic cones - 17 Jun 2004

Driving is already be a hazardous experience, but this latest invention could make things even more so. An inventor has come up with robotic traffic cones, but I have to wonder what happens if they malfunction? It could turn a peaceful drive home into a video game-like adventure, swerving around the crazed traffic cones like […]

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fingerprint recognition - 16 Jun 2004

Let’s say you’re aiming for the utmost in building entrance security. What would you use? Did fingerprint recognition come to mind, where you have to be a technology mastermind to fool it? (at least according to the movies) Tsutomu Matsumoto, a Japanese cryptographer, has shown that he can trick the detectors four out of five […]

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a new way to promote albums - 15 Jun 2004

I had never seen this type of game before, but a band known as Polyphonic Spree is using a game called Quest for the Rest to promote their new album. When you complete the game you get to hear one of their songs (which was pretty good by the way). The game was created by […]

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use your blinkers, it’s the law - 14 Jun 2004

A recent Ask Yahoo question was, “Is using a turn signal while changing lanes the law or just common courtesy? The short answer: It’s the law. More specifically, the Uniform Vehicle Code states, For vehicles equipped with mechanical or electrical turn signals, a signal of intention to turn or move right or left when required […]

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panda golf - 12 Jun 2004

If you have some time to kill, Panda Golf (flash) is a fun little game. You have to get the golf ball on the pad with the flag by clicking somewhere within the white hemisphere surrounding the golf ball. The distance is determined by how close to the edge of the hemisphere you click and […]

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a gesture to avoid - 11 Jun 2004

Yesterday’s daily survival tip on my desktop calendar says you should avoid making the A-okay sign internationally. The gesture is made by touching the tips of your thumb and index finger to form a circle with the rest of the fingers fanned out and pointing up. In the US it just means okay, but according […]

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pen pal - 10 Jun 2004

Sixty-one years ago today, the ball-point pen was patented in the USA by Laszlo Biro. I’ll bet he would have never guessed that his invention would be a pal. Call me crazy, but I grow attached to pens. I rarely lose writing utensils and as a result, have had some for several years. In fact, […]

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reserved example domains - 09 Jun 2004

Did you know that the domains, and are officially reserved for documentation? There’s even an RFC (section 3) stating The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) also currently has the following second level domain names reserved which can be used as examples. I had no idea they existed, but from now on when […]

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free gmail invites - 08 Jun 2004

If anyone is interested in free Gmail accounts let me know because I have a few to give away. I’m not the only one either, as you can see from all the gmail auctions on eBay. The Gmail floodgates have opened.

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winking - 08 Jun 2004

I’ve been thinking about winking recently. It’s not something I think about very often, but it occurred to me that winking is a learned behavior that I have yet to take advantage of. I have the same problem with honking. If someone cuts me off, I swerve and/or brake to avoid them, but then a […]

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eye blaster - 08 Jun 2004

A new form of advertising is being produced by an aptly named company: Eye Blaster. (flash required). They offer several different types of advertisements ranging from full page ads to ones that float over the text you’re trying to view. Compare that to Google’s advertising solution which uses unobtrusive, context relevant text ads. One of […]

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no favorites - 07 Jun 2004

I may be the odd man out with this opinion, but I don’t like to choose favorites. I’m explaining why I feel that way so even if you don’t agree with me, at least you can understand my reasoning. Let’s start with the definition. favorite, n. 1a: One that enjoys special favor or regard. 1b: […]

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petals around the rose - 05 Jun 2004

Here’s a puzzle that took Bill Gates several hours to solve, but he stuck with it and finally got it. The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose. The name is significant. Every answer is zero or an even number. That’s all the information you get. You can play the game in Javascript […]

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additional features in Gmail - 04 Jun 2004

I noticed a few new features in Gmail today. When you log in there’s an option to remain logged in for 2 weeks, which is very convenient on machines that are always on. The other feature I know about is that you can have a signature now. Go to Settings, and it’s the last configuration […]

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born on the date of the offense - 04 Jun 2004

Here’s one way to get out of a ticket. The surprising thing is it worked.

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baby drummer - 03 Jun 2004

The drumming baby drumming baby is good for a laugh, although, he’s pretty good. (via utterlyboring) Update: The link went bad right after I posted it, so I checked the Google cache, downloaded the video and uploaded it to a temporary spot for now.

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a day in history - 03 Jun 2004

I’ve recently begun reading’s On This Day. It helps improve my knowledge of history and it’s fun to see what happened on certain days, like April Fools’ Day, Christmas and US Independence Day. However, there’s another way to use this type of site to make your blog timely and informative. Here is what you […]

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quick color chooser - 02 Jun 2004

If you want to find a set of colors that complement each other, Quick Color (requires Flash) can be a big help. It has a clean, easy to use interface too. (via massless)

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sites to ping - 01 Jun 2004

I tried using the new service that offered one ping to rule them all at Ping-O-Matic but for some reason it consistently returned errors. I posted a comment asking about it and got no response, so I have returned the list of sites. However, I wanted to make sure I was pinging all available sites. […]

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geek test - 01 Jun 2004

The Geek Test is making its rounds on the web again, and I was curious to find out what my score was. I found the post where I had posted my score on Renee’s blog, but the comments are gone (Haloscan must have eaten them), so I decided to take it again and post the […]

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