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geek watch - 29 Sep 2003

This watch, made by Xonix, can store 256MB of data (more than you could store on 175 3.5″ floppy disks). A USB cord is tucked away in the wristband for uploading or downloading data. Geeky yes, but it’s so cool.

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getaway - 26 Sep 2003

I recently heard about a web site for finding last-minute weekend getaways. I rarely plan vacations in advance so this could be useful when I discover I have some time off. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the site but the prices I saw weren’t too bad. Mmmmm. The Bahamas…

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development environment - 25 Sep 2003

Joel on Software has moved into the Bionic Office, his idea of the ultimate workspace for software developers. I must admit it sounds like a rather pleasant place to work. (via /.)

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musical monty python - 24 Sep 2003

Considering the smashing success of the Camelot song, it’s no wonder Monty Python’s Holy Grail is being made into a Broadway musical.

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frosty the inflatable snowman - 23 Sep 2003

Frosty is a worldwide traveller, but he always writes home to share his adventures.

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in the air tonight - 22 Sep 2003

There’s a rumor about the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight” that I would like to dispel. There are different variations of the story, but the gist of it is that Collins had a childhood friend drown and there was a guy that could have saved his friend but didn’t. Some variations even go […]

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avast - 19 Sep 2003

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Argh matey!

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remember me? - 18 Sep 2003

I while ago I discussed a Javascript issue when using the remember me function of Movable Type. I noticed a few blogs that still didn’t have it working even with the correct Javascript code, so I investigated the issue further. Based on what I saw in the MT support forum, the most common problem is […]

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fun with fusion - 17 Sep 2003

Craig Wallace, a freshman at Utah State, built a nuclear fusion reactor based on the plans of Utah native Philo T. Farnsworth (inventor of the television). It’s fitting homage to Farnsworth for a TV to display the small sun that exists inside the reactor. (via /.)

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logical fallacies - 17 Sep 2003

Selections from this extensive collection of logical fallacies are commonly used to win an argument as a last ditch effort to come out ahead. However, if I’m debating an issue and begin to hear them, I don’t see much point in continuing. I enjoy a good debate as long as it stays with the original […]

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african gray parrot - 15 Sep 2003

A few months ago a friend recounted the hilarious antics of an African Gray Parrot (pic), a bird that can attain the intellectual ability of a small child. When I was a young lad I spent countless hours repeating the word, “Hello” to my parakeet but it never uttered a word. I guess that doesn’t […]

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jump and live - 12 Sep 2003

From the list of things I thought of as a kid, I give you, “How to avoid being hit by a car.” If I were in the middle of the road and a car was about to hit me, I would jump up in one fluid motion onto the hood. Then, as the car rushed […]

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downtown dine o’round - 11 Sep 2003

For those in the Salt Lake area there is an upcoming event that may be of interest to you. Twenty-four restaurants are offering a three course meal for $25, and another nine have two three course meals for $25. It is meant to give people a chance to try out new restaurants without creating a […]

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mailinator - 10 Sep 2003

It’s super-instant, always-ready, any-e-mail-you-want e-mail, right now. And with a name like mailinator, it’s bound to be good. Mailinator provides sacrificial e-mail addresses that can be used when signing up for something that requires an e-mail address for confirmation. No passwords, no privacy, and no spam. Even if you don’t use their service, their FAQ […]

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true justice - 09 Sep 2003

A New York City judge ruled that if two women behind you at the movies insist on discussing the probable outcome of the film, you have the right to turn around and blow a Bronx cheer at them. I like the sound of that. (no pun intended).

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bunk - 08 Sep 2003

If I said something was bunk, you would probably think it was foolish or insincere, and rightly so. However, what does that say about bunk beds? Are they foolish? I consider them to be a rather ingenious use of space, quite the opposite of foolish. The word bunk in the sense of beds probably comes […]

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writing better software - 05 Sep 2003

A guy who worked as a support tech and a developer made a list of 5 reasons why programmers should have tech support experience. A lot of what he says boils down to thinking about the end user. As a programmer I want to write software that is easy to use, but that’s subjective. Is […]

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ergonomic desktop - 03 Sep 2003

If you work at a computer all day, ergonomics can be very important. My wrist was a tad sore recently, so I did some research and found Cornell’s Ergonomics guide. It outlines ten ways to arrange your workstation and to avoid discomforts that computer users often suffer. It’s well worth the read.

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why do they keep yelling at me? - 02 Sep 2003

I found these suggestions on how to give good status reports useful. They are directed at techies, but many of the principles apply to any profession.

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