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i see - 26 Oct 2001

I went to the eye doctor today because my eyes were bothering me and I found out that I could benefit from glasses. I have a slight astigmatism in both eyes and I’m a bit far-sighted in my right eye. The interesting thing is that I can focus to get 20/20 vision but that makes […]

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cold weather coming - 25 Oct 2001

It looks like I won’t be riding my motorcycle much anymore. The weather has been really cold. It’s almost winter time and I have come to the decision that while I don’t mind the cold weather that much I much prefer summer. Maybe if I go skiing and take a ride on a snowmobile I’ll […]

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Phantom Menace - 24 Oct 2001

My roommate just bought Phantom Menace on DVD and we watched it. I haven’t seen it for a while and it just made me think how imaginative he is. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode II now. I wonder when it’s coming out. There are so many questions that I want answered, such as how […]

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a treatise on exclamation marks - 17 Oct 2001

I’ve finally put into words how I feel about exclamation marks. Hopefully this will change the world and no one will ever use 16 exclamation marks after a sentence when it isn’t even meant to be exclaimed.

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a few new pages - 16 Oct 2001

I’ve restructured some of the navigation. I still have a bit to do, but I wanted to make every page logically fit under one of the main categories. I also added a Top 25 Songs page and a Top 10 Albums list. It’s really hard to decide what I like better though so they’ll probably […]

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new designs popular - 13 Oct 2001

The two new designs I posted on were very well received. They were the two most popular designs for the first few days and I have actually broken into the most downloads list. I think I’ll create a few more designs now that I’m on a roll.

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antigone - 10 Oct 2001

I saw the play Antigone last night and it was quite well done. I wonder what the people who saw it when it was first written thought of it. Kind of interesting to think about. I also had a friend of mine who got back from a trip to Italy say that tourism has probably […]

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a new design - 07 Oct 2001

Just completed a new design but I can’t put it up on yet because they haven’t gotten DNS to resolve correctly yet. It was working for a short time and I submitted Blue Heron but when I finished with Droll it was back to the old site already so I’ll just post it here […]

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home again - 07 Oct 2001

The trip to San Francisco was great. I’m not sure if I took care of the problem with the cluster but I made some progress at least. I also got to see some of the city and attended a Geology class taught by my uncle. We went to dinner at a Cambodian restaurant and the […]

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off to San Francisco - 02 Oct 2001

I’m headed to San Francisco for work tonight and won’t be getting back until Friday night. I don’t really know what it will be like since the customer I’m going to help out is kind of torqued, but hopefully it won’t be that bad. There will also be a chance that I can visit my […]

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dmoz editor - 01 Oct 2001

I’ve decided to become a dmoz editor so that I can help out with search engines and have a say in what gets indexed. I don’t think it will take too much time and ideally it will be of use to others as well.

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