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u.s. states i’ve been to - 29 Jan 2004

Jan started it, and Renee soon followed, so it’s quite clear that I’m a follower, but it’s kind of cool. I’m not sure I got all of them correctly, but I included ones that I’ve driven through and didn’t include airport only visits. The ones in red are the states I’ve visited and here are […]

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failing the investor quiz - 28 Jan 2004

Allen Wastler expressed his disappointment in the American people for not knowing more about investing, asking, “Should the average American control his or her retirement?” I took the investor quiz that Wastler referred to planning to score well and prove him wrong, but instead proved him right. I got a 56% (10/18). The article assumes […]

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a quack’s echo - 27 Jan 2004

I watched a recent MythBusters episode about a duck’s quack not echoing but they failed to bust the myth to my satisfaction. The sound “expert” showed the audio graph of a quack in a normal room and of one in a room that echoed, but he couldn’t see the echo. They did some more experiments […]

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the benefits of juggling - 26 Jan 2004

Juggling is fun, improves hand-eye coordination and can be an entertaining party trick, but that may not be all. A new study suggests that in addition the aforementioned benefits, juggling can cause changes in the brain (good changes I’m sure). Does this mean that you’ll find the next Einstein at your local juggling club? Not […]

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silver wonderland - 23 Jan 2004

Here’s something to add to your list of things to do with aluminum foil. While Chris Kirk was away, some friends covered the entire apartment with the stuff, including kitchen appliances, books and walls. A single book was left unscathed. The title? “Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends”.

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hey hollywood - 22 Jan 2004

On the way to work yesterday I was listening to NPR’s Fresh Air and the guy they were interviewing said something I had never heard before on the radio: Blog. Okay, so it’s not a big deal, and blog isn’t a household word, but the momentum is starting and one day the spell checker might […]

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an artist on LSD - 20 Jan 2004

Back in the fifties the US government was playing around with LSD. They conducted some tests on people under its influence, and here are some of the results. Almost more than the pictures, I enjoyed reading about the subject’s behavior.

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two more days - 08 Jan 2004

It’s still hard to fathom the idea of being married, but this Saturday I’ll know how it feels. As such, my blog will remain silent until I return from my honeymoon at the end of next week. Jason has kindly agreed to delete any unwanted comments that may appear, but I just updated the blacklist […]

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notable tech flops - 07 Jan 2004

Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief for Internet sites at Ziff Davis Media, put together a list of the eight biggest tech flops ever. It’s comforting to see that even the big players in the industry make some big mistakes. The reason it’s comforting is that many of the companies who perpetrated the flops are still around, meaning […]

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slip slidin’ away - 06 Jan 2004

In one of Bill Cosby’s stand up routines he talks about how people who get scared lose their cool. To add to that premise, people who slip are in the same category. We’ve had a lot of snow recently and on the way to my car tonight I walked over some ice and ended up […]

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a google drop - 05 Jan 2004

My coin collecting site used to be #3 on a google search for “coin collecting” but now it’s at #29. The odd thing is I didn’t change anything on the site, it just dropped on its own. I could understand if it fluctuated around a bit, but dropping by 26 spots seems excessive. Triggered by […]

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frontier pies closed - 02 Jan 2004

I had a hankering for a warm piece of corn bread with honeybutter, a fresh navajo taco and a piece of pie to top it off. The hankering made me think of one restaurant: Frontier Pies. I went to the closest one I knew of and discovered it had closed. No fear I thought, there […]

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