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10 Ways to Find Beta Invites Online - 30 Apr 2009

If a new web site becomes too popular too soon, it can suffer from the thundering herd problem. To slow the stream of new users, many institute an invite program, where users need an invite code to sign up. Knowing how to get an invite can be eminently useful. Why, you ask? To register your […]

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Where the Wild Things Are Trailer - 29 Apr 2009

The classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” is being made into a movie. Here’s the trailer. In keeping with the children’s book to movie theme, here’s a trailer for “Everyone Poops”

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The Swine’s Done For - 28 Apr 2009

Given that kids touch every germ-filled item they can find, the swine may be on the losing end of this little encounter.

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Another Phishing Test - 08 Apr 2009

It’s been almost five years since I linked to a phishing test that measured your ability to distinguish between valid and fraudulent emails. Phishing is still a problem, perhaps even more so now. Browsers and web mail services try to filter out or at least notify you of a potential phishing scam, but fraudsters continue […]

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How to Find the Perfect Domain Name - 07 Apr 2009

Choosing the right domain is simple in theory, but difficult in practice. You want a short, memorable, easy to say domain. When you think of one that meets those requirements, 9 times out of 10 it’s already taken. When you find one that’s available, you’re not sure it adequately conveys the essence of your web […]

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