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new design added - 30 Jun 2001

I just added a new design called steve and submitted it to I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

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changes under the hood - 29 Jun 2001

I have made numerous changes to the site and I have attempted to verify that everything is working, but if you find anything that is either not working or doesn’t seem to be right, please let me know. If you just want to say hi, by all means do so – I promise to reply […]

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more games - 28 Jun 2001

After rediscovering Xpilot I have also begun playing StarCraft and some Unreal Tournament. They are extremely different games, but each has their own strategy. I am still a fan of Xpilot, but it’s always nice to have some variety. Amidst all the gaming though, I want to improve my programming skills too, so I need […]

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xpilot returns - 25 Jun 2001

I was playing around on my computer and when I got bored I tried to think of another fun game to play. That’s when it hit me: I had a high speed connection and a fast video card which all make the perfect setup for…XPilot! I installed it and was up and playing my favorite […]

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long ride - 23 Jun 2001

I went with a friend for a 4 hour motorcycle ride through some beautiful areas of Utah. Only bad thing is that my wrists and neck are sore. The trip was about 150 miles which is the longest trip I’ve taken and with my friend selling his bike I’m not likely to go alone so […]

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lost license plate - 22 Jun 2001

I had a great ride to work on my motorcycle but when I arrived I discovered that the license plate had fallen off. Drat. It only costs $5 to get another one but it was pretty annoying to just lose it. I hope it doesn’t take long to get a replacement one.

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designs - 21 Jun 2001

I finally took some time to submit some web page designs to under the handle “Jaden”, which I used to use on the MUDs. The designs are just ones that I tweaked from sites I already made. I still want to make some completely original ones that I’ve thought up, but haven’t had time […]

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staying in shape - 20 Jun 2001

I have a goal to always stay in shape. I haven’t been going to the gym very often so I just went on Monday and beat my muscles into oblivion. They say no pain no gain, but I could easily gain a lot of weight without any pain at all. I guess “they” are probably […]

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AM radio - 18 Jun 2001

There’s a fairly new song by Everclear called “AM Radio” and I have recently discovered that I enjoy listening to some of the talk shows on my 35 mile commute. It makes the commute more interesting because I start thinking about the issues that are being discussed. I’ve heard that your brain is like a […]

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innovation - 14 Jun 2001

I attended the Computer and Technology Showcase in Salt Lake today and was rather disappointed. There was little to no new innovative things there, just banners of company slogans and marketing hype. I was hoping to see some new technology but I was sadly disappointed. There must be innovation occurring somewhere, I just have yet […]

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brrrrr - 13 Jun 2001

How can it be so cold in June? There is going to be snow above 7,000 feet and possibly even at 6,000 feet. That is most abnormal. I was working at my computer last night with bare feet and they got so cold that when I finally got to bed I had to warm up […]

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change of pace - 12 Jun 2001

I’ve been programming in Java for about 6+ months now and for the month of June I’ll be doing some heavy duty programming in PHP and sql which I’m really looking forward to. It’s nice to have variety and what I’ll be working on should be very useful to the company which makes it even […]

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broken leg - 08 Jun 2001

One of my roommates was playing rollerblade hockey and fell on his leg. He broke his fibula in two places, and had to have a surgery where they put in two 6″ plates and 13 screws. He’ll have to be on crutches for 2 weeks and then he’ll get a cast with a boot that […]

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what can you do? - 07 Jun 2001

At the condos where I live there has been a rash of car burglaries. One last week and three more last night. They just broke the windows of three different cars and took all they could find (including a $15,000 camera). I wasn’t the vicitim in this case, but I am at a loss as […]

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release of ClusterWorX 2.0 - 05 Jun 2001

I work as a Software Engineer and we just released ClusterWorX at long last. It’s nice to finally be done with the first version, although we’ll be starting on the next version soon after, so it’s kind of an anti-climactic event, but nice to have under our belts.

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good movies - 04 Jun 2001

I just watched Star Wars the other day and was thinking about how much of a following it had. What made it so different than other movies to become so incredibly popular? I really enjoyed watching it (I think it helped that I had a cute girl to watch it with) but still haven’t figured […]

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new air filter - 02 Jun 2001

Today I put in a K&N Air Filter in my ’97 Nissan Maxima. They are more expensive than a regular air filter, but last much longer and can be cleaned when they get dirty. It will be nice when I get oil changes now because they won’t be asking me if I want to buy […]

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