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Box Office Earnings From 1987 to 2007 - 26 Feb 2008

The New York Times put together a graphic of Box Office Receipts from 1987 to 2007. It’s interesting to see how different movies compare. Some started slowly and grew over time, while others opened with a bang but petered out in a few weeks.

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Save At Least 10 Minutes Every Day - 25 Feb 2008

My Windows desktop has only one icon – the Recycle Bin – yet I can open any application on my computer in less than 2 seconds. I no longer search the Start menu for applications, wondering what folder contains the program I want to run. How can I do this? With Launchy (download) Launchy lets […]

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Secrets To Becoming a Better Speaker - 22 Feb 2008

Patrick Winston, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at MIT, gave a lecture at Harvard on how to give lectures. The lecture was broken up into a set of bite-size videos. He shows ways to improve your delivery and style. He also talks about how to use the blackboard, overheads and props. There’s enough meat in it […]

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High volume email deployers - 21 Feb 2008

This was pretty funny. (via Aaron Wall)

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The Secret to Having Your Children Love Learning How to Read - 20 Feb 2008

I have two children, ages 1 and 3, and they both love to learn letters and their sounds. They enjoy sounding out letters and words. My three year old uses the Sesame Street practice of sounding out each letter in a word, saying the sounds faster and faster. The great part is they love doing […]

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Free PDA Replacement That Never Runs Out of Batteries - 19 Feb 2008

I used to have a PDA that I carried around with me wherever I went. I spent countless hours searching for utilities and games to put on it. I synced it with my calendar so I could keep track of things and I had to remember to charge it regularly. I was disappointed to learn […]

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6 Easy Ways to Get a Human on the Phone - 15 Feb 2008

These tips can help you bypass the automated answering systems when calling customer service. 1. Interrupt It’s not rude to interrupt the computer, so feel free to talk over the voice. 2. Talk Sometimes saying what you want can get you just that. Try “get human” and if that doesn’t work, get angry. Some systems […]

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Free charting and graphing solution - 14 Feb 2008

Have you ever wanted to see a graph or chart of some data on the web? I have several times and none of the solutions I found were easy to use. Additionally, many of them didn’t look all that great either. Google has a chart API that creates an image based on the URL you […]

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How Americans Spend Their Money - 13 Feb 2008

Prepare to be shocked.

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28 Ways to Make Money with Your Web Site - 12 Feb 2008

Daily Blog Tips just posted a list of 28 ways (beating out the meager 6 ways I posted earlier) to make money with your web site. The last few are really stretching it. Selling a book, creating a conference and mentoring others, among others, are age old ways to make money. Just because a web […]

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Free file sharing and storage solution - 11 Feb 2008 is handy site for sharing files with others. You create a drop by uploading the files you want to store or send, then you can set an optional password. Once the drop is created, you can email the link to the recipient and they can download the files. You don’t have to go with […]

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Who was Yoda’s inspiration? - 08 Feb 2008

I’ve heard several people claim Spencer W. Kimball, a former prophet of the LDS church, was the inspiration for Yoda’s appearance. Their faces were similar but it sounded like an urban legend. In search of an official answer I found several sources saying he was based on Stuart Freeborn, the British makeup artist who created […]

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6 Ways to Make Extra Money Online - 07 Feb 2008

I’m always interested in learning how to make a little extra cash so when I saw a Reader’s Digest article on that topic it piqued my interest. Here’s a summary of the article. 1. Become an eBay Trading Assistant Through the Trading Assistant Directory, your services are marketed to local eBay members. You can also […]

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Conveniently track your shipments for free - 06 Feb 2008

Many people like to track their incoming shipments, but it’s a hassle to check each different shipping site. With, you don’t have to. Just forward your shipment notification email to them to track all your shipments in one place. Here are some screenshots of what you’ll see. I especially like the integration with Google […]

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How to listen to any song with the click of a button - 05 Feb 2008

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Enter the name and artist of the song you want to listen to. Step 3: Click play. I searched for 5 songs and it found four of the five.

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