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Want An Immediate Audience of 20,000 Readers? - 31 May 2012

If you had the chance to speak to 20,000 people, what would you say? It’s not just a hypothetical question. ListServe is a mailing list whose sole purpose is to allow one randomly selected member a day send out an email of their choosing, and it’s an intriguing idea. I’ve been a member for about […]

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Why Dropbox Deserves To Win - 02 May 2012

Whenever there’s a post extolling the virtues of Dropbox, some commenter chimes in to ask why people like it so much when (insert service here) is so much better. As someone who over-researches to an extreme, I’ve used just about every online storage service I can get my hands on, and Dropbox continues to be […]

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