Strange phrases people have typed into search engines that led to this site.

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search engines and terms - 11 Jul 2005

Fanteja asked me how my site did in the big three search engines comparatively and I didn’t know, so of course I had to check. Once I checked, of course I had to create a graph of the top 10 search phrases and where my site stood on each of the search engines (click on […]

odd searches - 07 Jan 2005

It’s been far too long since I posted some of the strange search phrases that led people to my humble home on the web. You know the drill. The terms that someone typed into a search engine are in bold, my responses follow each one. What do mandarin oranges look like? – Well, they’re round…and […]

strange searches - 20 Nov 2003

I discovered a glitch in my plan to provide oodles of strange search phrases that led people to my site. One month had 5996 phrases the next had 6528 but awstats only saves 500 of the most popular ones. The most popular searches are not likely to be the most entertaining ones because few people […]

weird wild searches - 30 Jan 2003

I’ve gathered another list of search phrases with which people have found my site. Some are weird, others wacky and a few are just plain strange. britney spears riding on a motorcycle – Fine, you’re a fan of Britney. Why do you want to see her riding on a motorcycle? Why not driving a car, […]

weird searches - 26 Sep 2002

I’ve been keeping track of the strangest search terms that have led people to my site for the past few days. Today, when I went see if there were any to add, I discovered that my Big Tracker account didn’t exist anymore. They had a disk crash on the server and lost everything so I […]