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greatest shows of all time - 30 Apr 2002

Time made a list of the 50 Greatest shows of all time – I agree with Seinfeld (#1) and Simpsons (#8) up in the top ten. This brings into play the generation gap though, because some of the shows listed were only re-runs while I was growing up. I’m glad to see that Letterman (7) […]

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dusting off the polls - 27 Apr 2002

I was perusing the files on the server and discovered that I have the old polls that used to be here, but they’re not linked anywhere. They are now linked. I am considering adding the poll again. The reason I stopped was because it’s hard to think up good questions to ask. If I just […]

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the airport - 26 Apr 2002

I’ll be taking my brother to the airport tonight since he has completed his first year in college. I have very fond memories of my first year at college. I learned a lot but a great deal of what I learned was outside the formal classroom with a professor lecturing to us. I have mixed […]

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right on time - 25 Apr 2002

I’ve been noticing that the time on my desktop computer at work has been slowly straying from the correct time. I’ve been meaning to setup xntp for a while now but I never got around to it. Last night, I thought it was a certain time, only to look at my watch and realize it […]

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the day after - 24 Apr 2002

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. All was normal at the office which was fine with me because I was able to make some progress on a project I’m working on. I was invited to a picnic for that evening where we ate, played frisbee and flew kites. Unfortunately, the frisbee ended up behind a fence […]

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early mornin’ to ya - 22 Apr 2002

I went to bed rather early last night and as a result woke up at 5am. My cubicle was occupied by 5:45am. I was obviously the first person at work and was able to get quite a bit accomplished before other people started to arrive. Quick recap of the weekend: I baby-sat a 6-month-old for […]

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boy am i tired - 21 Apr 2002

I don’t know why I’m still awake, but before I hit the hay I’ll just say hey. Mozilla RC1 released Combat spam – Forms to help you figure out where the SPAM came from. Goofs in movies – It’s always fun to point out something wrong. There are a few really good ones and a […]

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google’s got your answer - 20 Apr 2002

Google starts answering questions – This seems to be straying from the core competency of finding results on the web. I don’t know if I’m too keen on Google spreading themselves out like this. In the past they’ve said that they do one thing and do it well. Paying experts to find answers for people […]

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long day of work - 19 Apr 2002

Whew! I just finished working on a problem that I’ve been trying to figure out since Wednesday. It’s nice to have it resolved, thanks to some guys at work who spent quite a bit of time helping out. For the technically minded, I was trying to call an API written in C from PERL using […]

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but does it work? - 18 Apr 2002

Sure it looks fantastic, but does it really work? – An archive of TV infomercial product reviews. I was thinking about getting the handy Le Presse a while ago. I wonder if it’s as good as the commercial makes it out to be. After getting the above link for Le Presse I started browsing around […]

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sounds of homer - 17 Apr 2002

The sounds of homer – * This site provided a great deal of entertainment at work. It’s just funny.* Requires flash Time Warner harrasses man for marrying a black woman – This is a very disturbing story, especially the outcome of the trial. I called Bill German on the phone and he verified what was […]

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what did you get done today? - 16 Apr 2002

What had others accomplished at your age? – This may be less than uplifting if you’re a getting on in years, but it’s a rather impressive list. Searching Google with Mozilla – I’ve been continually impressed with Mozilla. I happened upon this document while I was seeing if I could search google without having to […]

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blogger insider interview - 15 Apr 2002

I can’t remember where I found out about Blogger Insider, but I’m glad I did, wherever it was. Here are my questions with Travis’ answers (his questions and my answers can be found at his site): 1. Do you keep the currency in your wallet ordered by denomination? I do. Not only that, but I […]

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new navigation - 14 Apr 2002

I spent a fair portion of this weekend changing the navigation of this site around. My aim was to make it easier to use and for it to give you more information about where you are within the site. Hopefully I have succeeded. I have thought about putting up a page about how I did […]

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grapefruit opulence - 12 Apr 2002 – This site isn’t new, nor does it have anything exciting or especially interesting. I’ve just recently visited it. I think I first heard about it three or four years ago, but when I visited it I didn’t really know what it was and left without ever knowing. It’s not the easiest site to […]

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the poop - 11 Apr 2002

The poop on fuel-efficient cars – Great headline, but I can’t take credit for it. It’s a very interesting issue. In fact, someone in my company just bought one of the Toyota Hybrids. It’s as silent as a golf cart. Building muscles with pills – This seems like cheating to me. If you want to […]

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a small smattering of links - 10 Apr 2002

I followed an interesting chain of links while browsing and have posted some of them here for you to peruse. Accessible by design – I’m not always in agreement with this idea because I would often rather use a simple and accessible web site rather than a complex accessible one, but that’s just my personal […]

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idling down - 09 Apr 2002

I went for a ride on my CBR and the idle is behaving itself. I think the carburetor cleaner is doing the trick. It’s still a little touchy, but hopefully by the end of the tank it will be all cleared out. Since I wrote my own blogging tool in PHP (not very elaborate) I […]

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beezee as a bee - 08 Apr 2002

Work has been keeping me busy. I realized that when I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 3:30pm, which explained why I was getting so hungry. I’ve been fixing bugs all day and I got on a roll. My patches will have to be tested but it shouldn’t take that long […]

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crazy zero tolerance - 07 Apr 2002

Zero tolerance thread on metafilter – I’ve heard about some other zero tolerance stories but this one is just maddening because it is so absurd. I don’t think anyone would argue that it makes any sense to expel the child and yet that may be the outcome of the board. This particular story is especially […]

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we have the way in - 05 Apr 2002

I was pleased to find out that Jon Fields of decided to create as a response to the ridiculous FUD at I went for a ride on my F3 last night, trying to run out of gas so I can put in the carburetor cleaner (requires an almost empty tank). While riding […]

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logs (not the wooden ones) - 04 Apr 2002

I’ve made an interesting discovery. Lots of the free web stats providers use the same software on the backend. I’ve used 4 different ones and they all looked the same upon logging in. The problem is that they are very unreliable. One of them changed to a fee service, the others have gone down for […]

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scripting, guys, hippos and spam - 03 Apr 2002

I read an article recommending client side scripting like JavaScript to keep the load off of the web server. While this is good in theory, in practice I’ve found that you run into problems with browser compatibility that end up hindering your users instead of facilitating their experience. At least when you put the code […]

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web log reviewed - 02 Apr 2002

There is a review of my blog on The Weblog Review. It was quite favorable which is always nice. Yahoo assumes you want spam and telemarketers – If you have a Yahoo account, you may want to edit the marketing section so you don’t start getting unwanted emails. I’ve usually been very pleased with Yahoo’s […]

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don’t be the fool - 01 Apr 2002

You will probably not want to take anything you read today seriously. Here are a few of the sites I found most amusing (Note: this will probably not be funny if you’re not viewing this on April 1st, 2002 since all the sites will appear to be normal) Google uses pigeons to rank sites Open […]

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