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trackback at last - 27 Feb 2003

I’ve been meaning to enable Trackback for several months, and last night I finally did it. It’s confusing until you actually use it, and then it makes perfect sense. For more information about how to set it up, MT’s TrackBack Development weblog is a good resource. If you enable it and get errors, you probably […]

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gnome gets better fonts - 26 Feb 2003

The lack of high quality fonts is a common complaint among even the most loyal of Linux users. Now that Bitstream, Inc has agreed to release certain fonts under an open source license, any open source developer can use them in their software. Quite often, the appearance of an application will influence a user’s perception […]

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rediscover your inner child - 25 Feb 2003

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy these tricks. In fact, you might just learn something. (via mefi)

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web stats requirements - 25 Feb 2003

I asked the developer of the stats service I liked if I could have a copy of the old version. He said he didn’t have a copy, but if someone else would give it to me I had his permission to use it. I was surprised that he doesn’t use source code control for a […]

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email scam turns deadly - 23 Feb 2003

Nigeria’s consul in the Czech Republic was shot dead by an unidentified 72-year-old Czech at the Nigerian Embassy in Prague on Wednesday. You’d think that authorities would be able to trace the perpetrators of the scam, seeing as a reporter was able to string one of them along for over a month. With the cooperation […]

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dot files - 20 Feb 2003

Today I discovered that my mutt configuration had a problem. The manual had the answer I was looking for, but during my search, I found It’s a great way to learn about tricks people use on their systems, or to show off your own.

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you’ve got a friend - 18 Feb 2003

People often think they’re the only one who thinks a certain way or has a particular habit. The internet gives us the ability to communicate with so many different people that we find we have company in our supposed isolation. No one is alone, and that’s a comforting thought. Friendship is born at that moment […]

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aids rising in US - 17 Feb 2003

The AIDS epidemic may be growing in the United States. Progress is being made, but a cure continues to elude modern medicine. Until one is found, thousands of people will end up on the growing list of deaths.

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google buying pyra - 15 Feb 2003

There’s no mention of it on either site but according to Dan Gillmor, Google is buying Pyra Labs (the creaters of blogger). (via brad) If blogspot blogs start taking over google results pages, we know why. Update: MeFi Evhead Jason

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MT 2.6 - 14 Feb 2003

By the way, Movable Type 2.6 is now available.

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beep goes the UPS - 13 Feb 2003

A dump truck collided with a high-voltage power line this morning, causing power outages reaching all the way to Wyoming. The outage caused a great deal of excitement for the day. So much that a news helicopter felt the need to continually fly back and forth above the valley. What they were doing I’m not […]

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flash 6.0 is available for linux - 12 Feb 2003

If you run Linux, I’d recommend getting Macromedia Flash 6.0. You’ll need it to view the psychic mind reader.

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reading your mind - 11 Feb 2003

Presenting the Flash Mind Reader. Prepare to be amazed. A little less amazing is this card trick, but it’s still fun.

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tracking comments - 11 Feb 2003

I have a dilemma and I’m curious how other people deal with it. I enjoy commenting on people’s blogs, as well as other forums, but I also like to read responses to my comments, and therein lies the problem. How in the heck do I track all of the comments I’ve made? What if I […]

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dude, you’re under arrest - 10 Feb 2003

The annoying little man from the dell computer ads was arrested for attempting to buy pot.

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now available, with extra bling - 07 Feb 2003

Always wanted to have gold teeth? Had the urge to convert your pearly whites to platinum? Look no further. Mr. Bling guarantees “you’ll walk away a happy blinging customer.”

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a web traffic analyzer - 06 Feb 2003

Yet another web tracking service has cancelled their free service and I’m beginning to think it’s my fault. I have only to join a free web stats service, and within a few months they will start charging a monthly fee. Past victims include hitbox, myhitlogger (no longer at their URL), bigtracker, and goldstats. All of […]

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opera’s fast fix - 05 Feb 2003

A security audit of Opera 7.0 revealed five security holes. Within five days of hearing about them, they released version 7.01, which fixes all of the holes. More discussion at slashdot. Impressive.

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a topic close to my heart - 04 Feb 2003

My last physical indicated that I may suffer from the silent killer, high blood pressure. Since then I have been monitoring it and the average is 139/89. The American Heart Association defines hypertension as a systolic reading of 140 or more, a diastolic pressure of 90 or more, or both. As you can imagine, I’m […]

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new tax form - 03 Feb 2003

This is funny. And it’s true. Funny and true.

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palm apps and games - 02 Feb 2003

I wanted a sketchpad utility for my clié to have a portable whiteboard of sorts for drawing directions or diagrams. I found one at this site, along with lots of other games and utilities.

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left handed ripping - 01 Feb 2003

Are you left handed? When you tear off a check or paper from a notepad, does it rip unevenly? Only recently did I discover that perforation works better if you pull from the other direction, like a right handed person. My checks kept ripping down the middle, but I blamed it on poor quality. When […]

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