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Lists of all sorts of things - 31 Jan 2007

Leon Ho, creator of and internationalization manager at RedHat Linux, linked to Listible in the Showcase area of his blog. At first I assumed he created it, because there are only three links in the showcase area, one to lifehack and the other to his job. The whois domain information is private and none […]

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Thank you Bill Joy - 30 Jan 2007

Bill Joy’s Greatest Gift: vi. Why learning vi/vim still makes sense in 2007 (via reddit)

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Park the car - 29 Jan 2007

Here’s a flash game that’s not only fun, it’s good practice. Park your car four times – once going forward, once backward, and twice parallel (once without any obstacles in the way, and once with a dog in the way). I was trying for speed at first, but if you crash in any of the […]

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A fun BMX game - 26 Jan 2007

I used to play an old DOS-based BMX game and this flash-based moto-cross game reminded me of it. BMX star and BMX backflips have a similar feel of the game. Someone noticed the similarity on Digg and asked about it. The response was a game called Across, and it sounded right. I searched on Google […]

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How to make a PowerPoint presentation open in slideshow mode - 25 Jan 2007

I learned this from investigating an e-mail forward I received during the Christmas holidays, but it’s a useful tip that others might like to hear. When you’re giving a presentation, the last thing you need is more work, and I have seen numerous presenters struggle with the foreign laptop they’re on or try to get […]

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The painting - 24 Jan 2007

Whenever I upgrade WordPress, I take a stroll through my web site to make sure everything is in order. Occasionally I’ll find something that broke or needs tweaking, but I almost always find an interesting post in the archives that I’d forgotten about. This time it was rock paper saddam, a collection of images of […]

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WordPress 2.1 released - 23 Jan 2007

WordPress 2.1 is available for immediate download. The release notes have all the details of the new features.

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37 fads that swept the nation - 23 Jan 2007

Here’s an overview of fads that have overtaken the younger generation (and in some cases the older generation as well). Some examples of fads (not necessarily on the list) that were popular when I was a kid in school: Ant farms, super ball collections, marbles, garbage pail kids, wacky wall walkers and chapstick containers converted […]

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Most shoplifted item in America - 22 Jan 2007

What is the most shoplifted item in America in 2005? Meat. Of all the things people could shoplift, meat would not have been my first guess. Meatlifting is a grave problem for food retailers: According to the Food Marketing Institute, meat was the most shoplifted item in America’s grocery stores in 2005. (It barely edged […]

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MyBlogLog - 20 Jan 2007

You might have noticed two new additions on the front page sidebar. The first one shows pictures of recent visitors who are registered users of MyBlogLog and the second one shows the most popular outgoing links of the day. MyBlogLog has provided a way to track outgoing links and ever since I heard about it […]

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What American accent do you have? - 19 Jan 2007

Apparently I have a non-accent. The funny part is that I grew up in the Northeast, and that’s where I have the least similarity. There are some strong accents in the area, but I just never picked them up. What American accent do you have? Your Result: The West   Your accent is the lowest […]

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Low prices on cables - 18 Jan 2007

MonoPrice has good deals on cables. I needed a firewire cable for my video camera, and the total (including USPS first-class shipping and tax) was $5.97 for a 6ft cable. Here is what you would pay at some popular retail stores. All of the prices below include 7.25% tax and I added shipping to the […]

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Discount coupon codes - 17 Jan 2007

I’m a longtime fan of bug me not, a solution to having to register to view the articles at news sites, and now I’m a fan of another web site created by the team (at least that’s my assumption, and if it’s not done by the same group, they have some explaining to do because […]

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Roman numerals test - 16 Jan 2007

In a class I was in recently, the page numbers in the beginning of the textbook were all roman numerals. The teacher looked at the page number and said, “Oh boy, there are a whole lot of Xs and Vs here.” A class member suggested he just read the page number literally (saying the letters […]

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Headline analyzer - 12 Jan 2007

The Headline Analyzer rates the quality of a headline (by their own standards based on emotional marketing value) from 0% to 100%. 100% means it is a perfect headline. Here’s how I did on some recent posts. Post title EMV Score Headline Analyzer 0% Fun additions to your office 20% Stargazing 365 days a year […]

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WordPress 2.0.6 feedburner issue - 11 Jan 2007

The notification e-mails from FeedBurner stopped coming a few days ago. Then realized they stopped on the day I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.6. It was most likely not a coincidence. I typed up a question in the FeedBurner forums to ask if anyone knew what the problem might be, and then, as I often do, […]

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Colorful tabs in Firefox - 11 Jan 2007

I was answering a coworker’s question and as he went to a web site I saw he was using Firefox, but all of the tabs were different colors. I thought it might be a skin, but mentioned that I liked his colorful tabs. He laughed and said that was the precise name of the extension. […]

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A free private phone line - 10 Jan 2007

Are you tired of getting calls from telemarketers and salespeople? Would you like a phone number that lets you deal with phone calls when you want to, instead of the moment the call is made? You can get a free local telephone number to use online from NetZero, the company that provided free dial-up internet […]

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Fun additions to your office - 09 Jan 2007

There are some things that make an office an office, like a computer, a stapler, paper clips, sticky notes, a printer, that sort of thing. Then there are things that make an office fun. I had no idea so many items existed for that purpose, but the Office Playground has hundreds, and they’re surprisingly cheap. […]

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Stargazing 365 days a year - 08 Jan 2007

Here’s a free ebook from that tells what you can see in the night sky without a telescope 365 days a year. (via get rich slowly)

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The best things in life - 05 Jan 2007

The best stuff in the world lists the “best stuff” in the world: whether it be an inspiring song, a favorite Indian restaurant or the best explication of Kantian aesthetics. As people share the things they think are best, you discover what other people think are cool. Be forewarned that there are a few R-rated […]

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Belief in evolution makes people happy - 04 Jan 2007

I followed a link on Jason Kottke’s links to a post saying public acceptance of evolution is low and the US is second to last. In the comments, someone noticed a potential reverse correlation between the happiness and evolution acceptance lists. A map of happiness was created for a study, and I just recently found […]

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The top bestsellers of all time - 03 Jan 2007

I’ve read several books whose front covers said that millions of copies had been sold. Some that come to mind are “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “Man’s Search for Meaning” and “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” I didn’t know how many books were in that category, or which ones continue to […]

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What are they thinking? - 02 Jan 2007

What’s up with some people who, during a group presentation or class, act like they’re the only ones being addressed and feel the need to respond? I was recently at a conference where a lady in the front row vigorously nodded her head, agreeing with what was being said, and on multiple occasions said, “Uh […]

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