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How to Track Your Blood Pressure in 3 Easy Steps - 07 May 2013

I’ve had slightly elevated blood pressure since college that gradually moved to high blood pressure and then it reached full on crappy hypertension. In an effort to track and lower my blood pressure, I began checking it at home. I’ve optimized the process to 3 easy steps: 1) Take my blood pressure (hard to avoid […]

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator - 12 Jul 2012

I’m starting to get a little spare tire around the waist and I wanted to start deflating before it got out of hand. In order to set a weight goal, I used the Body Mass Index (BMI). My scale tells me what my BMI is, but initially I didn’t know what to aim for. The […]

The Real Cause of Childhood Obesity - 27 Jun 2008

In California, kids have to be in car seats until age 6 or 60 pounds. As you might expect, no self-respecting six year old wants to be in a baby seat. Parents are tired of the whining, so what can they do? Feed the little buggers. Parents are plumping up their little polliwogs to get […]

How to Watch Your Diet - 01 May 2008 gives you three ways to look at your food. 1. Activities to burn off the calories contained in it 2. The energy, sugar and fat it has 3. The nutrients in the food. For example, here are some exercises and their duration I could do to burn off a slice of Pizza Hut pizza, […]

Body Hacks - 06 Sep 2006

Men’s Health published a list of 18 tricks to teach your body. I hadn’t heard of most of them, but I plan to try them out next time the occasion arises.