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Play Guitar Hero Online - 06 May 2009

Jam Legend is a guitar hero lookalike with a social spin to it. I signed up a while ago but never did much on the site. Then today, out of the blue, I was challenged to a duel on Gives You Hell (a song I’ve never heard of before). Not one to turn down a […]

On the Oregon Trail - 10 Dec 2008

I never played Oregon Trail in school. We played Lemonade Stand and programmed in Logo. Even though Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand were created by the same company (MECC), I never heard about Oregon Trail while I was in junior high school. I’ve since heard enough about it that I wanted to give it a […]

Addictive Flash Games - 30 Nov 2008

I hadn’t heard about them before, but Techcrunch alerted me to what they call some of the most addictive flash games. It started with Flash Element TD. Then there was Desktop Tower Defense The creators behind both of those games have combined forces to create Casual Collective, a game site that includes support for social […]

Boomshine - 31 Jul 2008

Boomshine is a simple but surprisingly fun game. To play, click anywhere to create an explosion. When a ball touches the explosion, it will explode, causing a chain reaction of explosions. When you meet or exceed the number of explosions necessary, you get to the next level. There are only 12 levels and you can […]

Play Retro Games in Your Browser - 05 Jul 2008

Remember the good old days of Atari, Commodore 64 or 8-bit Nintendo? Relive your childhood by playing all your old favorites or try out the games you never got to play, all in your browser. Isn’t the internet grand? Good old 8-bit Nintendo More NES Even more NES Apple 2e games Commodore 64 (this is […]

Celebrity Creature Creations - 23 Jun 2008

SporeVote has the Spore creature creations of a few dozen well known celebrities (both on and offline). It’s cool to see the creatures that billionaires (Mark Cuban and Richard Branson), online celebrities (Kevin Rose of and Drew Curtis of and actors or actresses (Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore) created. I don’t often think […]

Create Your Very Own Creature - 19 Jun 2008

I first learned about Spore from Will Wright, creator of the Sims game in this Ted talk. The demo was so impressive from then on I wanted to try it out myself. That day has finally arrived. Youu can download the free Spore Creature Creator and create your very own, one of a kind creature. […]

Mansion Impossible - 03 Jun 2008

You’re a real estate investor starting out with $100K to buy and sell houses. When you can buy the $10 million mansion on the hill, you win. For such a simple game, Mansion Impossible is surprisingly fun. My best time was 14 years 10 months after taking several cracks at it. The high scores on […]

A Simple But Challenging Game - 09 Apr 2008

This game is simple yet curiously fun. My best time was 16.33 seconds, at which point the blocks started moving really fast. Instructions: Click and hold the red square. Keep it from touching walls or the blue blocks If you make it past 18 seconds you are doing brilliantly! Hint: I’ve found the best first […]

Play Scrabble For Free Online - 28 Mar 2008

If you’re looking for something to do, check out free online Scrabble. You can play against others online or via email, or practice by yourself or against the computer without creating an account. There’s also Scrabulous Blitz, which gives you a whole board to work with. Everyone in the blitz (up to 150 people) starts […]

Play Nintendo games in your browser - 06 Apr 2007

Nintendo 8 has an impressive collection of old 8-bit Nintendo games that you can play right in the browser. The game play is a bit weird since you’re used to playing with the arrow keys on the left and the A and B buttons on the right. After a few minutes I was able to […]

More bat the penguin - 22 Mar 2007

I found some more bat the penguin games (mostly variations on the original theme, but some are different enough to be entertaining for more than a few thwacks.) I found a list of the variations which include: Yeti Pingu-Throw Yeti Pingu-Throw (Bloody) Yeti Pingu-Throw (Long Shot) Yeti Orca Slap Yeti Seal Bounce Yeti Albatros Overload […]

Monty Python’s spam-a-lot - 26 Feb 2007

Here’s a fun Monty Python game to brighten your Monday morning. The idea is simple. You launch cows, chickens and goats (and in later levels shubbery, the holy hand grenade of Antioch from Brother Maynard and even the vampire rabbit – he’s dynamite). Good clean animal-throwing fun.

The Line Game - 22 Feb 2007

It looks simple, but it’s actually quite challenging. The game is called The Line Game, and to play you just move a little red dot through a maze with the arrow keys. Avoid the obstacles and complete the level by touching the pulsating green orb. It says you had x.x seconds left, but it’s actually […]

Park the car - 29 Jan 2007

Here’s a flash game that’s not only fun, it’s good practice. Park your car four times – once going forward, once backward, and twice parallel (once without any obstacles in the way, and once with a dog in the way). I was trying for speed at first, but if you crash in any of the […]

A fun BMX game - 26 Jan 2007

I used to play an old DOS-based BMX game and this flash-based moto-cross game reminded me of it. BMX star and BMX backflips have a similar feel of the game. Someone noticed the similarity on Digg and asked about it. The response was a game called Across, and it sounded right. I searched on Google […]

Bat the penguin - 21 Dec 2006

What better way to spend time during this holiday season than to thwack a penguin as he dives down towards you? Click the mouse to begin the penguin’s dive, then hit the mouse button again to swing your bat. Timing is everything. The highest score I know of is 323.4. My best (so far) is […]

Carrom and Hungry Hippos - 03 Nov 2006

Has anyone heard of the game Carrom? I was reminded of it by the April 13th word of the day (Yes, that’s from 2004. This is one of my…ahem…really, really old drafts) and went online to see if it was well known or just a fart in the wind sort of game. Our family got […]

A frustrating but entertaining game - 30 Oct 2006

This game is fun to play, but can be maddening when it doesn’t work out just right. The instructions are all in French, but it’s easy to figure out. You just move the mouse trying to keep the lower ball on the bar while keeping the other ball bouncing. I loved playing Arkanoid at the […]

a few flash puzzles - 28 Mar 2005

It’s Monday morning and there’s a light drizzling of rain outside. I feel a little under the weather and my mind could use a jump start, so here are a few puzzles to solve in case you’re feeling the same way. Frog Leap – It took me a few tries, but I got it. Crimson […]

megaman in flash - 31 Jul 2004

I used to love playing MegaMan II on my 8-bit Nintendo game system, and now you can now play MegaMan Ghosts N’ Goblins in flash. What will they think of next? To play, follow link that says, “click here to view this title.” Controls for the game are as follows: Arrow keys to move ‘z’ […]

game, stereogram and game - 14 Jul 2004

I found the agitator’s post on June 23rd chock full of entertainment. First, I tried to keep the drunk guy from falling over. I managed to get him 64 meters before he collapsed. Then I was amazed by a pure text stereogram (definition). I didn’t realize they could be made from text. I thought there […]

panda golf - 12 Jun 2004

If you have some time to kill, Panda Golf (flash) is a fun little game. You have to get the golf ball on the pad with the flag by clicking somewhere within the white hemisphere surrounding the golf ball. The distance is determined by how close to the edge of the hemisphere you click and […]

bow and arrow game - 27 May 2004

Sit back, relax, and draw blood with a bow and arrow in this simple and slightly gruesome game (Flash). If it gets boring you can add a wall and wind to the mix. When I added both I sent the arrow flying and it shot up and over the wall, then the wind blew it […]

scrabble - 09 Feb 2004

For you scrabble fans (Jason…) here’s a pretty slick version of Scrabble online. As far as I can tell it only permits one person to play. I guess it would be hard to keep the other people from seeing your letters if you were all playing on one computer. The short dictionary didn’t like plural […]

curveball - 11 May 2003

I found a simple but fun game called Curveball (requires Flash) on one girl’s life. Be careful, it can be insidiously addictive.

1 2 3…not it! - 04 Mar 2003

Take a trip down memory lane at Games Kids Play. (via memepool) I never quite understood the point of red light / green light. It seemed like you could thwart the game by saying, “Green red” and spinning around quickly.