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in san diego - 25 Jul 2001

The conference is going quite well. Today’s session was very well done and I learned a lot. I was just thinking today that it would be pretty nice to have a yacht like all the ones out in the marina by the hotel. The problem is that I’d need around $50,000+ which really isn’t pocket […]

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off to San Diego - 23 Jul 2001

I’m off to San Diego for a developer’s conference so I won’t be online as much, which may or may not affect my news updates. We’re going to have a high-speed internet connection in our hotel so I may be able to keep it pretty well updated. It looks like the conference is going to […]

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the family man - 18 Jul 2001

I just watched The Family Man last night and it was very thought provoking. The protagonist is an extremely wealthy bachelor who never married his college sweetheart because of business pursuits. He gets a chance to glimpse the life he would have had if he had married her. I think I’ll have to watch it […]

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rolling rolling rolling - 13 Jul 2001

On the way home from work yesterday there was a truck in front of me that put on its hazards and slowed down. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw a tire rolling down the highway at about 50mph and rolled right into the oncoming traffic. Luckily no one hit it head on, but […]

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new design - 13 Jul 2001

I just finished a new design and submitted it to I think it turned out okay but I still don’t think I’ve made one that I really love. I think it’s the colors mostly that I have to work on. Sometimes it’s hard to get colors that work well together and look good.

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rock chip - 12 Jul 2001

On the way to work this morning a rock from a semi about 25 feet in front of me smacked into my windshield. I wasn’t too concerned about the chip because it was in the corner and pretty small. Much to my surprise it turned into a 10 inch crack by lunchtime. Drat! I just […]

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more changes - 09 Jul 2001

I have made a lot more changes to the site, but most of them are not visible. The one thing I still want to do is put my CD collection into the database so it will be easy to search and pull up certain artists and such. Once that’s done I’ll be quite happy. I […]

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small changes - 06 Jul 2001

I’ve been making a few small changes to the site and decided to put in a search box (thanks to Google) which should help people find things since I’ve been moving them all around. If you can’t find something, you can email me and I’ll let you know where it’s at.

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handicapped parking - 06 Jul 2001

My roommate with the broken leg just got some temporary handicapped parking permits. It seems that there are always handicapped spots open in parking lots. It’s too bad there aren’t ways to win a handicapped parking permit for a week if you help an old lady across the street or do some other kind deed. […]

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cool - 05 Jul 2001

The air conditioning is working again which is quite pleasant. I went for a ride last night on the ol’ motorcycle and got stuck in ye ol’ traffic from ye ol’ stadium o’ fahr. After driving through multiple blasts of fireworks in the middle of the street and having the stench of sulfur waft into […]

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no air conditioning - 03 Jul 2001

At work our air conditioner stopped working so it has been rather warm. Yesterday it got up to 91° in the office (102° outside). Today doesn’t look like it will be much different and even with my desk fan on high I’m still quite hot. I’d still much rather be too hot than too cold […]

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new couches - 02 Jul 2001

My roommate and I went couch shopping tonight and I thought we’d just be browsing and pricing them out, but we will be having two brand new couches delivered to our condo this Saturday. The price was great considering the rest of the couches there. There was one couch that cost $1639, although it was […]

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