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Bypass Voicemail Instructions - 31 Jul 2009

Like the preflight seatbelt fastening instructions, you don’t need to hear how to leave a voicemail each time you leave one. I left my wife a voicemail the other day and was frustrated at how long it took to get to the beep where I could leave my 3-second response. I wondered if there was […]

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Incredible 3D Murals - 29 Jul 2009

This article has several other examples of John Pugh’s work. He’s a mural artist who has created an impressive array of realistic-looking murals. He often adds people to the mural to heighten to the 3D effect. Pugh is quoted as saying, “It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked.” He’s right.

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Estimation - 20 Jul 2009

This made me literally LOL.

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Ping Pong Table Door - 10 Jul 2009

In the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” category, here’s a novel idea for game rooms or bedrooms, or maybe even kitchens or bathrooms if you’re eccentric. A door that doubles as a ping pong table.

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