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Turn yourself into a Simpsons character - 21 Jul 2007

I tried uploading a few pictures to Simpsonize Me but it mocked my photo and refused to load it. Okay, it didn’t mock my photo, but it returned a snarky retort saying that it failed to load and to try again. I tried again. And again. And again. Michael Calore of Wired got it to […]

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Wobbly ankles - 20 Jul 2007

A model had a hard time walking in her high heels while carrying a watering pail, and the news anchors couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t either. Via: VideoSift

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Compute your walkable score - 19 Jul 2007

Do you know how walkable your neighborhood is? You can find out here. Most of the places I’ve lived haven’t been very walkable. (via reddit)

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The night sky - 18 Jul 2007

The night sky teaches you how to identify various constellations so the next time you look up into a starry night, you can identify them.

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How many times is the ball passed? - 03 Jul 2007

This is cool. And so is this. (via digg)

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