Month: June 2000 blog archive
chicken run - 27 Jun 2000

I have heard that Chicken Run was created by the same mastermind who did the Wallace & Gromit movies (which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen them). If you’ve Chicken Run, I’d be curious what you thought of it.

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still rattles - 21 Jun 2000

I take that back – the dealer said he found something loose in the back that could have caused the rattling, but when I drove it home from work, twas still rattling away. Rather annoying. Just took it into the shop again today – I don’t think I’d mind having a new car to avoid […]

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more work - 20 Jun 2000

The Z’s rear rattling noise has finally been taken care of at the good ol’ Nissan dealership. Work continues to keep me busy and I still have a bit let to do to get the database up-to-date on the Spain Madrid Mission page. Can’t say I don’t have enough to do ;)

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mission web stuff - 07 Jun 2000

Keeping busy – MY Z is doing well too. There’s still that rattling to take care of. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time working on the data to prepare it for entry into a database on the Spain Madrid Mission page which is getting an overhaul. Fun stuff ;)

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