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Great Goalrilla Customer Service - 01 Jun 2012

We installed a Goalrilla basketball goal soon after we moved into our house and it’s been well-used by the kids. A few weeks ago the actuator gave out and the height could no longer be adjusted. We’d only had it a few years, but from my experience with warranties I expected we’d have to cover […]

Where to Buy Obscure Music at a Low Price - 07 Feb 2009

I recently heard a clip of “To Show You My Love” by Mike Schmid (Warning: Music plays automatically). It’s a sappy love song, but I liked it enough to want to own it. I found shortened MP3s of the nearly all the songs on the album page but that wasn’t good enough. The album site […]

Get 100 Free Business Cards - 27 Jan 2009

Today HP launched MarketPlace, where you can buy custom stationary, mailing labels, rubber stamps and the like. You can also get 100 business cards for free. From what I can tell, they don’t put advertising on the back or charge for shipping (VistaPrint does both). It says they’re 100% free. They require your credit card […]

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Geek In Your Life - 07 Dec 2008

ThinkGeek is one of the few online shopping locations that cater specifically to geeks. They’ve got some great stuff. If you’re shopping for a geek, or you’re a geek yourself and you want to give others gift ideas, here are my top 10 choices for this year. 10. Play the drums right on your shirt […]

How do you spend your money? - 08 May 2008

The New York Times created a chart that provides a fascinating look at how we spend our money as consumers. It comes as no surprise that the largest increase is in gas. It’s interesting to see a visual depiction of our spending. You can even zoom in on a section to get an even more […]

The truth about online shopping networks - 16 Apr 2007

If you’re ever tempted to buy something you see on TV late at night, remember what you saw in these videos.

What’s new on Ebay - 20 Mar 2007

Ebay Pop and BidThumbs show prices of items selling on Ebay as well as popular trends within a category. Ebay Pop (via probargainhunter) lets you browse various categories to see the movers and shakers, including the most popular items in that category as well as items whose popularity has changed dramatically. The site explains it […]

Low prices on cables - 18 Jan 2007

MonoPrice has good deals on cables. I needed a firewire cable for my video camera, and the total (including USPS first-class shipping and tax) was $5.97 for a 6ft cable. Here is what you would pay at some popular retail stores. All of the prices below include 7.25% tax and I added shipping to the […]

Discount coupon codes - 17 Jan 2007

I’m a longtime fan of bug me not, a solution to having to register to view the articles at news sites, and now I’m a fan of another web site created by the team (at least that’s my assumption, and if it’s not done by the same group, they have some explaining to do because […]

bad to the last drop - 02 Aug 2005

I’m not a big fan of bottled water and I rarely buy it, but I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought either. Tom Standage on the other hand, who happens to be technology editor for The Economist, has given it a great deal of thought. In his New York times article he writes […]

freecycle - 30 Sep 2004

I already mentioned freecycle in passing when I wrote about Time’s 50 best web sites, but I ran into another article about and took a closer look. It’s basically a site where you can give things away and get them for free. It’s presented as an alternative to selling them on eBay. They’ve created […]