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When to Take a Potty Break During a Movie - 21 May 2009

If you’ve ever doubted the web has everything you can imagine, I give you The sole purpose of the site is to tell you the best time to pee during a movie (note: make your way to the bathroom first). I sat through 2 1/2 hours of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves having to […]

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Time-Lapse of the Night Sky - 20 May 2009

This is incredible. (via Gizmodo)

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Tasty Tip for Keyboarders - 08 May 2009

If you’re a keyboarder, or just like to do things faster than the mouse allows sometimes, here’s a handy tip. I was installing a few virtual machines (Windows and Linux) that didn’t have mouse support because of limitations in the virtualization software. As a result, I had to do everything via the keyboard. I’ve gotten […]

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Play Guitar Hero Online - 06 May 2009

Jam Legend is a guitar hero lookalike with a social spin to it. I signed up a while ago but never did much on the site. Then today, out of the blue, I was challenged to a duel on Gives You Hell (a song I’ve never heard of before). Not one to turn down a […]

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Touchpad and Keyboard Issue on Linux with Compaq nw8440 - 05 May 2009

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my Compaq nw8440 and had strange touchpad jitters where the mouse cursor would slow way down, then speed up. It was very annoying. The keyboard also ignored every few keys, which was even more annoying. I installed Ubuntu 8.10 after learning that the video card drivers had changed in 9.04, […]

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Outlook Rules Not Working - 04 May 2009

When I used procmail on HP-UX it was so easy to create precise rules to filter my email. I use Outlook at work and hoped it would provide similar flexibility. So far, I’ve been disappointed. I had a dozen rules until I realized you can add multiple filters to a single rule. In other words, […]

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Ideas for Hostnames - 02 May 2009

I take too long coming up with hostnames, and using virtualization I’ve been installing lots of hosts recently. It’s hard to come up with a good name. I like them short (4-5 characters are easy to type) and memorable. A few examples of hostnames I’ve used in the past are dyad, koan, merk, zayin, alai […]

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How to Display Keystrokes for Screencasts on Windows - 01 May 2009

Mac users already have this handy feature, but if you’re creating a screencast in windows, users are unaware of what keystrokes you’re using. If you’re anything like me and use keyboard shortcuts all the time, this can be tediously frustrating to use the mouse for everything. Instead, use one of these tools to give your […]

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