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I’ve updated the two plugins I mentioned in yesterday’s post to work with 1.5, in case anyone is interested in using them.

The first one is the dashboard replacement. Some people have complained that it takes too long to load the entries from other sites. I agree, and I also like to see more information about my blog. Any suggestions for improving it are welcome. To use it, simply back up the wp-admin/index.php and put this one in its place.

The second plugin is one that I’ve hesitated to make available for a long time because there’s still more work to be done to make it easy to configure. If there are people out there who are interested in using the plugin, let me know. I don’t want to spend time working on it if there’s no interest, because it’s working for me.

There’s a big difference between getting something to work on one blog versus making it work on any blog, and I haven’t done the extra work to make it easy to set up.

I’m making the code available to anyone who wants it, but realize that you’ll have to configure things by hand to get it working.

It’s a rewrite of Brian Groce’s e-mail notification plugin, but I added a management page inside the GUI where you can add and delete subscribers and see who is enabled and disabled. With the ability to add submenus in WordPress, I added a ‘Notifications’ menu item under the ‘Manage’ menu.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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