sounds of homer

The sounds of homer* This site provided a great deal of entertainment at work. It’s just funny.
* Requires flash

Time Warner harrasses man for marrying a black woman – This is a very disturbing story, especially the outcome of the trial. I called Bill German on the phone and he verified what was posted about the experience, so I believe it’s true, although I had my doubts.

Don’t tread on me – It’s good to see that people are speaking out against online annoyances. There are other effective ways of advertising that are appreciated rather than cursed.

Redneck neighbor – A hilarious compilation of the antics of a rather eccentric (to say the least) neighbor.

Boy raised by chimps – I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s an odd story. What makes it even more intriguing is that his biological parents supposedly deserted him while the chimps helped him survive. It makes you wonder about the humanity of humans.

Opera releases beta 2 for Linux – They don’t mention it on the main page but I’m using it to make this post. It seems to load pages faster, although that could be the placebo effect talking. I’ll observe how it behaves for the next few days before I give a more thorough review of it.

I went to the condo association meeting to see what it was like. Around 30% of the time was spent joking and socializing while the remaining 70% was used to discuss issues related to the condo. I think I may continue going so I’ll know what the current issues are. I like to feel like I’m a part of the decision-making process, since in the end, I’ll be affected by it.

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