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I spent a fair portion of this weekend changing the navigation of this site around. My aim was to make it easier to use and for it to give you more information about where you are within the site. Hopefully I have succeeded. I have thought about putting up a page about how I did it but that will have to wait. I’m still making sure that I’ve included all the pages in the new navigation tree. I would hate to be missing pages that exist on the server only because I didn’t remember them. Comments would be appreciated.

I played some table tennis with a friend of mine who has a table in his basement. When I get a house, I want to have a pool table and a ping pong table. Pool is a lot of fun and you don’t need anyone else to play. Table tennis is a lot of fun as long as someone else is around to play with. Folding up half the table and hitting the ball against that just doesn’t compare to playing against an actual person.

I went for a ride on the CBR and found a road that had a lot of turns (which makes the ride more exciting) and went by farms with horses and cows. It also takes you right by a Camp Williams which is a National Guard training site. It was such a fun ride that I told my roommate about it. He took the wrong exit and came back to tell me that the road he took was not at all twisty or exciting. We both hopped in the miata and I showed him where it was. Thus, I got to take the road twice and both times were extremely pleasant. In fact, I don’t think I would mind living out there someday.

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