long day of work

Whew! I just finished working on a problem that I’ve been trying to figure out since Wednesday. It’s nice to have it resolved, thanks to some guys at work who spent quite a bit of time helping out. For the technically minded, I was trying to call an API written in C from PERL using XSUBS, but I kept getting an undefined symbol error. It turned out that when PERL was loading the dynamic library, it wasn’t setting the RTLD_GLOBAL flag. Once we figured that out, it worked like a charm. It just took two and a half days to figure out that’s what the problem was.

If the weather were nicer (it’s raining now and it snowed Wednesday) I would be riding my motorcycle in the evenings. It taunts me every time I pull into the garage, since it’s parked perpendicular to where I park the Maxima. I haven’t bothered to put the cover on it so my headlights illuminate it and I can almost hear it calling to me.

I think I shall end this entry with a short poem, written by yours truly:

This friday doth end and I’m heading home,
Perhaps I’ll curl up with an interesting tome,
The day was so long and the night it grows old,
I’d go out ride for a ride if it weren’t so dang cold.

The weekend is coming and I hope to have fun,
It is nice that my project is almost done,
I think I shall now shout out with wild glee,
Sweet deadly monkeys in the fiery heavens above me!

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