we have the way in

I was pleased to find out that Jon Fields of linuxfreak.org decided to create wehavethewayin.com as a response to the ridiculous FUD at wehavethewayout.com.

I went for a ride on my F3 last night, trying to run out of gas so I can put in the carburetor cleaner (requires an almost empty tank). While riding around, I had a rather scary realization. As you may know, since there’s no gas gauge, I have no idea how much gas is left in the bike. When you run out of gas the engine just putters out, with no warning. The realization I had was this: If I were waiting at a busy intersection and saw a break in the cars and gunned it, I could be in a rather serious predicament if at the same time I gunned it I ran out of gas. I would be expecting to be thrust forward by the power of the engine, only to stall in front of an oncoming car and WHAM! (now that’s an appropriate use of an exclamation mark if I ever saw one ;). Not a pleasant thought. That’s probably part of the reason that most of the bikes coming out now have at least a low gas light, if not a full gas gauge.

Hi ho! – Requires Flash, but it’s hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing after watching it. I have no idea what Panasonic hoped to convey besides a large amount of humor. (via camworld)

Here are two dialogues I had while playing Yahoo Pool

me: you realize you’re solids right?
guy: I forgot, long day
me: i shouldn’t have reminded you
guy: funny
me: that [shot] didn’t work well
guy: it’s like monkey see monkey do ;)
me: yeah, except monkeys aren’t that good at pool

me: doh
another guy: huh?
me: think of homer simpson
another guy: ok
another guy: lol
me: woah – you’re solids (he hit my last striped ball))
another guy: doh
me: lol
another guy: oh ya oops

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