blogger insider interview

I can’t remember where I found out about Blogger Insider, but I’m glad I did, wherever it was. Here are my questions with Travis’ answers (his questions and my answers can be found at his site):

1. Do you keep the currency in your wallet ordered by denomination?

I do. Not only that, but I keep them all facing the same way, and all of them right-side-up.

2. How many minutes is your typical shower?

Depends. Anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.

3. Describe your driving.

Heh. Well, Jenny refers to my “driving” as “scaring the bejeezes out of me,” and Kate actually takes offense to my driving, because she feels that I’m reckless with her life.

In all actuality, I’m an excellent driver. Even when my tires break free from the pavement, my turns are always controlled; even when it’s 40 mph over the limit, my speed is always maintained; and even though it’s going by in a blur, I have constant knowledge of what’s going on around me… I’d like to point out that I’ve only been pulled over twice in my life (once for speeding, once because my headlight was out), and I’ve NEVER been cited for a violation.

4. What kind of watch do you wear? (If you don’t wear a watch, why not?)

Oh, excellent question. I love my watch. I really, really love my watch.

It’s made entirely of Titanium, and it’s powered by four solar cells mounted on the face. It’s made entirely of Titanium, which makes it really light. Surprisingly so. And the damn thing keeps time like nobody’s business (it’s set to the atomic clock, and is always right on).

5. Why did you first start your blog?

Way back in The Day, I moved from North Dakota to San Antonio, and I kinda wanted a way to keep in touch with my friends. I bought a webcam, and had a cam/blog/thingie called “the KroCam”. It was possibly the pinnacle of my dorkdom. Unfortunately, however, people seemed to like it, and bitched at me to bring it back. Eventually, I brought it back (sans the cam) with the name “And Now for Something Completely Different,” but changed it to “fiddle2” shortly thereafter; it’s been that way ever since.

6. What are your security pet peeves? (Linux boxes or otherwise)

Let me tell you a story: A while back, I was the head of PR for an organization on campus. One night, our president drops a i486 PS1 off at my room, and says we need an FTP box up… tonight. So, being downloading an .iso takes forever, I scour my room, and come up with a RH5.2 CD I had from a couple years ago. I figured I’d just get it running, and reinstall later. I forgot about it, and left it as a virgin install of 5.2. A couple months later, I learned that the box had turned into a slut for any idiot with a root kit and some DivX movies they wanted to distribute. Oops.

7. What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?

Well, I’ve seen HF this year, which everyone knows is the finest film ever written, but I assume we’re talking about movies which have been released within the last year… LOTR, by far.

8. If you could have a single possession for a day, what would it be?

My Sony.

9. What was your most embarassing moment?

Tough call–I was a hardcore dork for many years. In 4th grade, I actually scored the winning point in a basketball game. The other team was very thankful, as I made it in their basket. My team was less impressed with my m4d skillz.

10. Why is the sky blue?

God wanted to make something pretty; as an apology for creating Creed.

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