the day after

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. All was normal at the office which was fine with me because I was able to make some progress on a project I’m working on. I was invited to a picnic for that evening where we ate, played frisbee and flew kites. Unfortunately, the frisbee ended up behind a fence with barbed wire across the top. We flew the kites in the lofty reaches of the sky (except for the occasional dive bomb), but while bringing them down to earth one of the girls lost her grip on the string and it got loose.

Do you recall the object lesson about how a kite tugs and pulls at the string when you’re holding onto it but falls to the ground if you let go? It’s a lie. That dang kite flew like it had never flown before. In fact, it is probably still flying right now, since the string got caught on something. We couldn’t figure out for the life of us what it was stuck on and finally gave up on it. As we drove away it continued to whip around a few hundred feet in the air, mocking that object lesson. I also learned that in spite of playing the role of Charlie Brown in high school, my ability to fly kites was not affected. The whole evening was a lot of fun.

I got the CBR’s oil changed in the morning so it’s now ready to go up for sale. More news on that when I get around to posting it online. Hopefully it will go quickly and sell for lots of money.

Spam gourmet – Create self-destructing email addresses to avoid spam. You create a temporary address with a number in it to indicate how many emails you want to get until it dies. Any emails sent to the address after you’re done with it are ignored. A rather ingenious idea to avoid spam.

Find domain name ideas – Very useful if you’re trying to come up with a new domain name. It suggests words or phrases based on a word that you specify. It’s fun to do even if you’re not getting a domain name.

An interview with George Meyere (writer for the Simpsons) – Rather long, but fairly entertaining. (via poochkiss)

Wild monkeys attack all girls school – The monkeys ate my homework could be a valid excuse for these students. Lest you be confused I believe there is a typo in the article:

…local residents oppose any action against the monkeys, considered scared by Hindus.

I don’t know why the monkeys would be scared. They were slapping students left and right according to the article. I believe they meant to say sacred. Do I get any money from Yahoo News for noticing that?

I eat crayons – I found this link a long time ago, but after reading it again it still made me laugh. Some may not find it so humorous but don’t let that deter you, see if it’s funny for yourself.

Shift’s Top 25 Web personalities – I hadn’t heard of a lot of these sites before and I spent an hour (if not more) reading through about Jason Hall’s life. If you’re ever worried about putting too much about yourself on the web, take a look at what he’s written and you’ll realize you’re virtually anonymous compared to him. He has poems, pages about girls he has dated, a deposition from when he was arrested, essays about his Dad who committed suicide and the list goes on.

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