grapefruit opulence – This site isn’t new, nor does it have anything exciting or especially interesting. I’ve just recently visited it. I think I first heard about it three or four years ago, but when I visited it I didn’t really know what it was and left without ever knowing. It’s not the easiest site to navigate, but once you figure it out, it’s worth the effort. It’s a collection of stories about life experiences.

Is webmail a thing of the past? – This is a bit of an alarmist headline, but the article explains what is going on with web mail.

Will Mozilla start to roar? – I made up my own headline for this article since they didn’t have a very catchy one. Mozilla is moving closer towards its 1.0 release.

Customize your Maxima – I’m not planning on doing any modifications to my Maxima in the near future, but it’s nice to know where to look if I do. The body kit doesn’t look too bad.

Killing the biggest myth of web design – This article makes a very good point about users on the web. It rejects the common notion that users won’t scroll or read and I tend to agree with his observations. Users these days are more willing to read and assimilate information than before.

I’ve been working on the new site navigation and it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but it will be done soon enough. Don’t mind the title of this entry, I couldn’t think of anything right away so I just pulled this one from the dark recesses of my mind.

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