what did you get done today?

What had others accomplished at your age? – This may be less than uplifting if you’re a getting on in years, but it’s a rather impressive list.

Searching Google with Mozilla – I’ve been continually impressed with Mozilla. I happened upon this document while I was seeing if I could search google without having to actually go to google.com each time. Not only can I, but I don’t even have to type the “g” like I do in Opera. You just have to put the following line in your prefs.js file (located in your profile directory):


Mozilla is only getting better from what I can see and unlike any of the other browsers that I’m currently running, I can’t remember the last time it has crashed. I’m thinking I may make the switch to Mozilla pretty soon.

Microsoft continues their efforts to hurt Open Source Software – It’s become painfully obvious that Microsoft will not play nice or fair. If enough people get fed up with how they force you to use nothing but Microsoft products then we might be able to have open standards again. Until then, I will continue to recommend Linux far and wide.

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