logs (not the wooden ones)

I’ve made an interesting discovery. Lots of the free web stats providers use the same software on the backend. I’ve used 4 different ones and they all looked the same upon logging in. The problem is that they are very unreliable. One of them changed to a fee service, the others have gone down for days at a time. It’s gotten very annoying so I finally said, “The heck with it” (metaphorically) and turned on apache’s logging for my site. I’ve decided to go with AWStats to parse the logs. I would prefer a different layout but since it’s written in PERL I can do that when I get the time.

I heard on TV that the Harlem Globetrotters are coming to do a show. I wanted to get tickets but Ticketmaster didn’t know anything about those shows. What I found rather strange though is that this Saturday there are two shows on the same night. What’s so strange about that you may ask? Well, one is in Utah (Ogden) and the other one is in New Hampshire (Keene). They probably have two different teams to avoid the pesky dilemna of being in two places at once. You are still wondering what’s strange, aren’t you? Those are the two places (besides Spain) I’ve lived. Too bad I won’t be seeing the performance in either of the locations.

My F3 is doing okay but the carburetors are still fouled up I think, which makes the idle hard to control. I rode it to work and I went for a ride with another guy at work who has a Yamaha R1. We swapped bikes for a bit and it was a sweet ride. His bike was very smooth and a lot more quiet than mine, which isn’t necessarily better, but I liked it. The riding position put me farther forward than what I’m used to on my F3. I only rode it for 10 minutes or so, but it didn’t seem nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Those extra 400 cc’s really do make a difference though. Quite the rush.

Sounds like we’re all geniuses – We just have to figure out how to release the inner genius in us. It’s interesting how there are different categories of savants, in music, math and even calendars.

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