greatest shows of all time

Time made a list of the 50 Greatest shows of all time – I agree with Seinfeld (#1) and Simpsons (#8) up in the top ten. This brings into play the generation gap though, because some of the shows listed were only re-runs while I was growing up. I’m glad to see that Letterman (7) is listed too. After reading about the struggle for next at bat when Johnny Carson left, I’m not a big fan of Leno, who isn’t even listed.

Google smackdown – Pick two words and see which is more popular. I discovered that letterman (391,000) is the clear winner over Leno (304,000). If the smackdown site has already hit the 1,000 mark, I just downloaded a developer’s kit so send me a request for my key and I’ll send it to you.

Do single men have it all? – I haven’t really formed an opinion on this yet. It’s still mulling about in my mind. As far as the single life, I’m happily single, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t be happier married.

Is lying always bad? – I must admit that I don’t always provide my actual information. I’m just sick and tired of getting calls from telemarketers and emails from spammers.

While driving Sunday night my headlight burned out so I decided instead of just replacing the other bulb I would replace it with those bright halogen headlights I’ve seen on the highway recently. I saw one a few days ago and could have turned my headlights off and still been able to see by their light. In the process of replacing the bulbs I discovered that the bulb didn’t just burn out, it exploded. Shattered glass is all over the inside of my headlight. I’m going to have to pull the entire casing out to clean it up. The verdict on the new headlights is: I like them. It makes it a lot easier to see the road and that’s always a good thing when driving.

I hiked up to Ensign Peak with some friends and it was much quicker than I expected. It took about 10 minutes and although I was a little winded when I reached the top, I would have preferred a longer hike. I need the exercise. Some of the houses around the trailhead are incredible. They not only have a great view of the valley, they have a beautiful house too.

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