web log reviewed

There is a review of my blog on The Weblog Review. It was quite favorable which is always nice.

Yahoo assumes you want spam and telemarketers – If you have a Yahoo account, you may want to edit the marketing section so you don’t start getting unwanted emails. I’ve usually been very pleased with Yahoo’s privacy policy and their web email is the best I’ve seen, but this is definitely not making them any friends.

Google has some competition – I don’t think Google is going to be too worried in the short term. Teoma has a long way to go, but you never know how much they’ll improve. There’s an interesting MetaFilter discussion about it.

Just discovered while doing a search on altavista that I have a profile on MetaFilter. I have been reading MetaFilter for a few months now and waiting for membership to open up again because I wanted to comment on some of the issues. What a strange way to discover that I had a membership. It says I joined on April 10, 2001 but I have no recollection of it. Anyhow, now I have already made a comment on the Google vs. Teoma issue and look forward to being able to contribute in the future. It’s just annoying that I could have been doing so all year.

I’ve Googled my way to the top of the search results for jaden. The results show my profile on dmoz first and my blog second. I’ll have to take note that it is no longer an anonymous nickname. It also illustrates the fact that Google doesn’t just base their search results on text found within the document, since I don’t even mention Jaden in my blog. (Except for just now).

For some reason I thought of the song Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone and on a whim, called it. I was surprised to get an answering machine, having assumed it would have been blocked by the phone company. I listened to the message and her name was not Jenny, but Natalie, so I didn’t leave a message. I wonder how many calls she gets because of that song.

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