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Mozilla 0.9.9 released – Now they have no where else to go unless they’re going to add another revision number. Houston, next release will be 1.0.0. I downloaded it last night and it’s running quite nicely. I also found out that the Flash 5.0 plugin for Linux is available, which means I can view a lot more sites now.

Hijackers got their visas – In case there was any concern over the hijackers being her illegally, immigration has kindly put that concern to rest.

Google takes language support to a whole new level (via waferbaby)

My navigation rewrite is still in the designing and prototyping stages. I want to make sure this rewrite makes it easy to go both ways in the tree as well as keeping the overhead on the server low. It can’t be that hard because I’ve seen a lot of sites with it, but maybe they’re doing it by hand instead of having it be auto-generated. If anyone knows of a slick way to do it, please let me know as I haven’t found much in the way of examples on the web. When I get it working, maybe I’ll put up a tutorial about how I did it.

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