no more evolving for you

It looks like evolution is over with – Okay, everybody out of the gene pool. Evolution is no more. It was fun while it lasted, a wild ride to be sure. We’ll miss you dear evolution.

Einstein and Gödel were buddies – I always enjoy learning about Einstein. He was quite a guy. This article talks about a picture of the two of them and I wanted to see it. I pulled up and found it right away. It dawned on me how useful the internet really is. Fifteen years ago if I had been reading that article in the newspaper I wouldn’t have been able to get that picture without going to the library and looking it up. The information highway has come a long way.

Alan Reiter likes wireless too – Too bad I don’t have $50,000 to donate to the cause. I’m really surprised that wireless hasn’t caught on more. Sure there are some issues to deal with but that’s true with any new technology. I would have thought that I would have had people scrambling to sign me up as a wireless customer. So far, I haven’t seen much scrambling.

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