blimey, codswallop and gobsmacked

If you understood the title of this entry, you’re probably from or have spent time in the UK. Running has resulted in a lot of email correspondence that I haven’t always understood. For instance, I got an email from someone saying they were “chuffed” about something. I didn’t know if that was good thing or not, but thanks to the English to American dictionary I was able to figure out that it was a very good thing. Toodle-pip!

I discovered a handy script from Yaysoft that informs when you update your blog. I had a button to do it before, but now it works automagically. Cheers to Matt Bean.

My roommate and I both missed calls Tuesday night (we both use Sprint PCS) and didn’t get the voicemail until Wednesday afternoon. It must have been a fairly widespread glitch, since Evhead had the same thing happen. Strange.

My CBR is in the shop now and it looks like I should have used gasoline stabilizer while it was sitting in the garage. The mechanic thinks the carbs (there are four of them, one for each cylinder) are clogged up. D’oh! I went grocery shopping and bought a new toilet seat and toilet guts kit. The installation thereof turned out to be quite an ordeal which has yet to reach completion. I got a blood blister from trying to get the rusty bolts off, got rust in my eye, dropped a part in the toilet and had to dig it out and got squirted in the face with toilet water. It was a fun night. The brand new water heater still ran out of hot water about midway through my roommates shower (just like the old one) so I called the guys that installed it and they’re coming at 8am tomorrow. I’ll have to ask them for some help to get my toilet put back together.

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