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I think I’ve figured out the way google indexes blogs daily. It checks its list of possible blogs each day. If the site is has changed, it will update the cache with the latest version. If it is the same, then the cache goes back to the last month’s spidering of the site. It appears to spider for blogs in the early afternoon. This morning, it had a cache version of yesterday’s site, but this afternoon it’s back to the spider it did on February 4th. Tomorrow will probably be back to today’s issue since it’s different than Sunday’s.

Google’s current results

It’s nice to be home and I slept very well in my own bed. It was so comfortable in fact that I didn’t get out of that soft, warm bed until 8:50am, but I still managed to get to work by a few minutes after 9am. I wasn’t able to shower but the stench wasn’t too overpowering.

After dealing with so many designers at Photoshop World 2002, I’m thinking I may try my hand at some GIMP‘ing. Maybe I can create a snazzy site that has graphics, instead of all the plain HTML ones I’ve done up to this point. We’ll see if I have the skills and the time.

Internet romances are for real – I used to be a skeptic, but after seeing so many couples that met online, I’m starting to be convinced. Most of them are very happy together. Maybe I should see how I fare online.

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