walking a muddy road

I had to get up 7am this morning (after going to bed at 2am last night) for a meeting and was quite tired. In an effort to wake up a little more I decided to walk to work. The air was brisk, the sun was up and my shoes got muddy. The walk took about 12 minutes and the weather was pleasant enough. The bad thing about it was the lack of a smooth surface to walk on. There aren’t any sidewalks and the mud and rocks were uncomfortable to walk on (not to mention the mess it made in my cubicle). I don’t think I’ll be walking to work again anytime soon.

I made the mistake of leaving Mozilla 0.9.9 running overnight with a Flash animation (an advertisement at Yahoo) and when I arrived this morning it was consuming around 80% of both of my Pentium III 550’s. If that’s what happens on my box, with 512MB of RAM, I’d hate to see how sluggish a Pentium 233 with 64MB of RAM would be. To top it off, Macromedia wants to do more of this.

I have found a solution for Mozilla users though. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Images and select Accept images that come from the originating server only. That takes care of the majority of the advertisements you see (including Flash animations). It’s a great solution in my opinion. I asked the Opera Linux list about adding that feature to the browser, since Opera already allows you to refuse popup windows. That’s a feature I’m thankful for every day and combining it with the image filtering would make browsing a whole lot better.

10 Deadly Web Site Design Sins – You know, I think I would have made almost the exact same list. Perhaps not in the same order, but all the ones I would have thought of are in there. Now the question is, does my site violate any of these?

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