the white stuff

When I woke up I discovered that about two inches of snow had fallen during the night. It’s now March and I was hoping to be riding my motorcycle soon but that will obviously not be happening for a while. I must admit that it was quite a sight to see. The snow stayed on all the branches of the trees so it was a veritable winter wonderland. I was just hoping for more of a spring wonderland myself.

How to change a spare government – This is pretty funny. Just in case you ever have to use the spare, this article should show you how.

Mallard is not inhumane? – Her lawyer says she’s “not this cold inhumane person that we’ve heard about.” You’ve probably already heard, but just in case you haven’t the quick summary is as follows. Chante J. Mallard, 25, hit a homeless man with her car and drove to her house with him still stuck in the windshield! She left him to die in the garage, coming in once in a while to apologize to him while he pled for help. The police estimate he lasted about two and a half days. When he died, she and some others dumped the body and burned the front seats to remove the evidence. She was planning on burning the car and buying a new one with the money she got from her tax return. Her lawyer apparently doesn’t know the definition of inhumane. She is the epitome of someone “lacking pity or compassion.”

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