britney spears fans

I’ve got a MasterCard commercial idea for ya:

Selling a signed pair of your jeans for more than $7000: $100

Teaching thousands of people about semiconductor physics: free

Having over 150,000 fans that can’t spell your name: priceless

(Britney link via waferbaby) I also made up the price for the jeans, I have no idea how much they cost.

The blogrolling has commenced with a link from Gretchen. I am still looking for blogs to link to that I would like to read on a daily basis, so if you know of one, please let me know about it.

I’ve made a few additions to the site. I added images to the top 10 list of albums. I also added links from my CD collection so you can get more information about the CD, or even buy it if you so desire.

The new water heater has been installed, for the great deal of only $550 (in case you didn’t notice, I’m being sarcastic). I’m told that an average shower (20 minutes or so) takes about 10 gallons of water, which means that with my 40 gallon tank 4 people should be able to take a shower and there should be warm water for all. There are currently only two of us living there though, so that means we could each take a 40 minute shower and aside from being pruny beyond all recognition, we would have all the hot water we wanted. Hopefully that will be the case.

At the same time I had the water heater replaced the furnace guy showed up to service it and told me it needs to be replaced. In fact, he said it would be dangerous to run it at all. Now, I had an inspector take a look at it before I bought the condo to avoid just such news, but a lot of good that $65 did me. Now I’ve got to fork out $1800 by Monday so I don’t explode in a burning mass of carbon monoxide and metal.

I moved the motorcycle outside so it could warm up in the sun to see if that would help it start, but alas, it wouldn’t. It’s been towed to the shop (for $55) and tomorrow I’ll go in and pay more money to have the oil changed and to fix it so it will start again. The weather’s been so nice recently I’m really looking forward to riding it, but I’m also going to have to sell it after all these expenses.

I just did a first pass on my taxes to see how much money I was going to get and it doesn’t look good. Less than a measly one hundred bucks. Crappers.

In summary, today I spent or allotted:

Water Heater
Furnace check
Towing motorcycle
Oil change
New furnace

Grand total: $2467.50

Looks like the new leather couch purchase will have to be delayed once again.

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