gyro to San Diego

I’m looking forward to going to San Diego tomorrow for Photoshop World. I leave in the evening so I may not be updating things for a bit here. I still haven’t gotten the navigation finished. Yahoo Pool is too much fun ;) I am hoping to have some sort of internet access at the show, which will permit me to make some comments from the city of sunshine and beaches.

My wrists were kind of sore this past Monday and a coworker suggested something to loosen and strengthen the wrists. I bought the device he suggested at Gart Sports for $20. It’s so entertaining just about everyone on the software team had a go at it. My wrists felt quite loose after using it for a few minutes, but they were also tired. The only hard part is getting the gyroscope to spin without changing directions. It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to get one for yourself. It’s not only good for preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but for strengthening your grip for tennis, bowling and golf. Basically, it helps you with any activity that requires you to grip something. If I keep using it I’m going to end up with popeye arms ;)

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