late nights

It’s about 10pm and I’m still at work along with the rest of most of my coworkers in engineering. We received a document at 1pm today that must be returned by 9:30am tomorrow in order to continue working with them. I’m thinking we may be here for a while. It’s kind of fun to all be working on the same task though. We have a clear objective (answer all the questions by tomorrow morning) and we’re all helping each other out to get it done.

We also got free pizza since we’re going to be here all night, but alas, I used my coupon to eat at Fuddrucker’s and could only eat a few pieces of pizza. I still have my brownie since I was stuffed after eating the cheeseburger and potato wedges. It will probably be quite appetizing at around 3am when my eyes are glazed over. At least I’ll have no trouble getting to sleep once we finish this.

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