I’ve discovered the joy of playing all types of pool. Our condo is slowly getting furnished thanks to my roommate who bought a three in one bumper pool, card and dining table. We played bumper pool Friday night and a fair amount Saturday. Then I discovered Yahoo Pool which is fun because you’re playing against other people online so you can chat with them while you play. I got three games going simultaneously, but I started having to rush my game a bit when it happened to be my turn on all tables. In fact, while I’m typing this, I’m playing a game.

Saturday night some friends of mine and I went to a dance club in Salt Lake. The DJ was quite good at mixing but the music wasn’t all that great. The clientele was less than appealing to me. Scantily clad, drunk girls with a cigarette in their hand isn’t my idea of a good catch. There were some attractive girls there, but they were in a serious minority and most were already taken.

AOL will use Gecko – This is great news. It’s nice to see AOL using an open source project, especially since it’s instead of using a Microsoft product. Hopefully others will follow suit and we won’t be stuck under the Gates regime much longer. Freedom is a nice feeling, and hopefully more companies will realize that Microsoft is costing them money that could be well spent in other ways. They can also alter the product to fit their needs.

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