back from San Diego

I got back at about 1am Saturday from San Diego. The show was mildly successful and I showed the PhotoWebber demo to lots of people. We sold about 15 copies I think. It’s a great way to create web sites if you already design your site in Photoshop.

The weather in San Diego wasn’t all that great this time. We got stuck in a rather furious rain, but it was still much more pleasant than Salt Lake. In order to get to Olé Madrid we took one of the bikes which supposedly fit 3 – I would have to disagree. I saw The Count of Monte Cristo and really enjoyed it. The plot was very similar to that of Ben Hur but had enough differences to remain entertaining. It moved fast and kept me entertained for the duration.

I’m not dead yet – Monty Python and the Holy Grail continues to have a following.

Good coding skills not enough? – Interesting points. As a programmer, I would like to just focus on my coding skills but have realized that it’s not enough.

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