37 fads that swept the nation

Here’s an overview of fads that have overtaken the younger generation (and in some cases the older generation as well).

Some examples of fads (not necessarily on the list) that were popular when I was a kid in school: Ant farms, super ball collections, marbles, garbage pail kids, wacky wall walkers and chapstick containers converted into guns. It’s interesting how at one point having the largest collection of some of these items made you a star, but a mere week later, it was a useless pile of junk once the next fad hit. Kids are a fickle lot.


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  1. there are so many fads these day its hard to know whats in and whats out like for ten years it used to be this then ten years later some thing else, these day every ten minutes theres a new fad bill gates could go broke tring to follow the newest fADS (bill gates is the riches man in the world) i wrote that for people who did not know…

    Comment by maddie on August 7, 2007 @ 9:48 am

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