Roman numerals test

In a class I was in recently, the page numbers in the beginning of the textbook were all roman numerals. The teacher looked at the page number and said, “Oh boy, there are a whole lot of Xs and Vs here.” A class member suggested he just read the page number literally (saying the letters such as “x x v i i”) instead of trying to figure out the number. The rest of the class agreed.

The Romans would be saddened.

I thought I was pretty good with roman numerals, but I’m not as good as I thought. I found this Roman numeral converter which also has a self test, which I took to see how good I was. I answered 85% correctly out of 25 questions (they get progressively harder as you answer correctly). The ones I missed were in the hundreds. For instance, I entered CICI for 191 instead of CXCI. I found I’m better at figuring out what number the roman numerals represent rather than coming up with it on my own.

I still believe I’m proficient with numbers under 100, and unless you’re looking at the back of a dollar bill (MDCCLXXVI, or 1776), that’s all the roman numerals I see.


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  1. Oh! This sucked so much time away from me a couple of afternoons ago that I forgot to come back to tell you about it. Whee! Fun with Roman Numerals! :-)

    Comment by PrincessJami on January 18, 2007 @ 2:03 pm
  2. Heh, thanks for letting me know. Sometimes I wonder if anyone found a post interesting if there aren’t any comments. From now on I’ll assume that if there aren’t any comments, it was so incredibly compelling that everyone spent several hours on it and forgot to post a comment :)

    Comment by dan on January 18, 2007 @ 3:14 pm
  3. Thanks for letting me know that im not the only one who doesn’t get them all right!!!!!!!

    Comment by Tikkitikkitembonosarembochurriburririchipiperipembo on March 25, 2011 @ 12:45 pm

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