Low prices on cables

MonoPrice has good deals on cables. I needed a firewire cable for my video camera, and the total (including USPS first-class shipping and tax) was $5.97 for a 6ft cable.

Here is what you would pay at some popular retail stores. All of the prices below include 7.25% tax and I added shipping to the Monoprice price.

Company Price Comments
Monoprice $5.97  
BestBuy $38.69  
Circuit City $27.94  
CompUSA $4.29 Wow, that’s a really good deal! I should have checked there before buying it on Monoprice

How about another item – a 14ft network cable (CAT5). At Monoprice you can get one for $5.41 (in every color of the rainbow).

Company Price Comments
Monoprice $5.41  
BestBuy $25.79  
Circuit City $19.34  
CompUSA $6.44 Man, that’s still a good deal. I always thought they were expensive.

Let’s do one more comparison to see if CompUSA’s prices are an anomaly or if they really have low prices across the board.

4-port PS/2 KVM switch w/4 3-in-1 KVM cables

Company Price Comments
Monoprice $29.77  
BestBuy $161.24 The only 4-port KVM I could find had USB ports. There was a 2-port PS/2 KVM for $35.46
Circuit City $75.19 This only gets you a 2-port, but I couldn’t find a 4-port
CompUSA $68.79  

So that’s at least one example where Monoprice really shines. In my experience they’ve had much lower prices than anywhere else I could find. I wonder if CompUSA is changing their pricing structure.

As a side note, the search on BestBuy, Monoprice and CompUSA were all great. CircuitCity on the other hand was awful. I searched for ‘network cable’ and it didn’t have a single network cable in the results.


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  1. Those are great prices. I also found a great site recently – mycablemart.com. By far the cheapest prices on HDMI cables I’ve ever seen. They have plenty of other products, but I haven’t done much research on how their prices compare. I’ll bookmark monoprice for future purchases.

    Comment by Justin Wood on January 18, 2007 @ 8:39 pm
  2. Thanks for the pointer to mycablemart.com, I’ll check them out.

    Comment by dan on January 19, 2007 @ 6:24 am

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