air strikes

On CNN today there’s an article about an air strike investigation. There is an image of a plane shown, with the caption

“An unmanned CIA “Predator” aircraft launched the strike last week”

Well no wonder it was unmanned. That thing is ugly. I bet they couldn’t even get the new guy to fly it. I’ve seen paper airplanes made by three-year-olds that look better. What’s the deal with those two big prongs coming down? They’re longer than the landing gear!

In other news today, a web usability expert says the 2002 Olympics web site would get a D if it were in school. I tend towards promoting minimalism when it comes to web design. Why limit who can use your site by using plugins and non-standard features? At the bottom of the Olympics site it states,

“Plugins needed: Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, Adobe Acrobat”

What about Linux (and maybe Mac users) who don’t have the Windows Media player? It’s ironic that they are alienating users on a site about the Olympics, which tend to unite people.

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