mmm…smooth windshield wipers

When I got my oil changed they asked if I wanted to have my windshield wipers replaced. I had been meaning to do it for quote some time, but never got around to it so I figured why the heck not? That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made while standing in a dirty garage.

I’m so pleased with my windshield wipers not chattering anymore that sometimes I drive around with them on when it’s clear and sunny out. My windshield is cleaner than it used to be too. It’s amazing what a little rubber can do.

You might have noticed some slight changes on this site – like the search field on every page. Yup, it’s not just gremlins in the webserver, I’ve switched from to which does regularly scheduled spiders of my site. I can also see what the top searches are, which for some reason I’m really looking forward to.

By the way, has anyone figured out where in San Francisco Jason Kottke works? He states on his site,

“I’m working for one of them .com startups out here. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out exactly who that is.”

I’ve looked around the site and read some archives and haven’t figured out where he’s working. It’s a grand mystery just waiting to be solved.

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