bearded man

I’ve been growing a goatee for about a month now and I’m quite pleased with how it looks. It has filled in quite nicely and I even have a little patch on my lower lip of lighter colored whiskers which gives it a unique look. I’ll have to take a picture sometime.

You may have noticed that I’ve changed things around a bit on the site. If this is your first visit of course, then you will not notice anything different. I moved the random quote to every page instead of just on the front page so you get more quotes for your click. I also changed the colors a bit and I think they look quite sharp. If you think otherwise you can just keep that to yourself, or you could always send in a style sheet of your own to add a new theme. Hmm…maybe I could make a valentine’s day theme.

I continue to be impressed with Atomz search capabilities. It’s incredibly versatile to merge into any site and I just learned how to use the masking features so it wouldn’t index each page 4 times. (once for each different theme) Now the search results are dead on. Try it. I like seeing strange searches and maybe I’ll post some of the strangest searches I see.

Today someone submitted a rather strange pickup line (#105) which used the word “diarrhea“. Now, I’m not the one to use pickup lines, much less ones which refer to certain situations which everyone is intimately familiar with but not very anxious to converse with others about. That is not my point. My issue with the pickup line was that “diarrhea” was misspelled. I went to my handy dictionary in linux, gdict, to find the correct spelling and was rather surprised by the definition. I include it here unchanged so that you too may be surprised, shocked, or simply appalled:

Diarrhea Diar*rhe”a, Diarrhoea Diar*rhoe”a, n. L.
   diarrhoea, Gr. ?, fr. ? to flow through; ? + ? to flow; akin
   to E. stream. See Stream.
   A morbidly frequent and profuse discharge of loose or fluid
   evacuations from the intestines, without tenesmus; a purging
   or looseness of the bowels; a flux.

I’m not sure what your response was, but I was most amused. Morbidly frequent? I must assume that Webster is chuckling softly to himself, wherever he is, for writing that entry.

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