a banjo maker?

For absolutely no good reason I decided it would be fun to type a stream of consciousness. I didn’t think at all, I just typed what came to mind.

Things may not always seem what they appear and sometimes life doesn’t give you a bowl of cherries but a bag of roses. This is very interesting, the life of a banjo maker from Istanbul.

My, that was strange.

Tomorrow I’m finally getting a wireless internet connection installed at the condo. I would have liked to have gotten in on Sprint’s offering. A friend at work has it and regularly gets 400Kb/s download speeds and has gotten as fast as 700Kb/s. I’ll have to pay the exact same amount that he’s paying and I’ll get around 30-100Kb/s download speeds. It will be nice to have a connection again and it will be about the same speed as I used to get with DSL.

Burps, farts and snot? It’s a kid’s dream. Now what country is it again where a burp is a compliment to the chef? On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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